Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ryley 09-16-09

Our little princess continues to improve. It seems that today she has decided that she enjoys feeding, and has bottles really well. She is also over 48 hours alarm free since the caffeine has been discontinued.

I saw the lactation physician today, and she prescribed a miracle cream. I have used it twice, and I feel great! It could be that it is fixing the problem, or that it has pain killers in it, who knows, but I like it! Her suspicion is that I have eczema, which I do get on my arms in the winter, and because it is being irritated by pumping, and I am raw I am really prone to getting bacterial and fungal infections, so when I am treated, it will come right back, or I will just get something else, and the pain never goes away because the eczema itself is so painful when irritated.

Overall today was a great day.

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