Thursday, September 10, 2009

My other children

I have felt really bad for my boys the past week, and I know that it is normal for things to be a little hairy when there is a new baby, but our baby isn't even at home. I have been shipping them off, or having people come over to watch them every morning so that I can go to the hospital to spend time with Ryley, I try to spend the afternoons with them, but that is when Ethan naps, and I am soo tired that we tend to just read books, or watch cartoons. I am back up at the hospital some time in the evening, so really I feel like they are getting very little stimulation. I took them up to the park the other night to run off some energy after dinner, and before bed and my next trip to the hospital.
Skyler loved it, and Ethan would not let me get a picture of him, at least not one where he was actually looking.
On a side note, we bought a new camera, and I was soo happy, but then the picture quality was really bad even though it was higher resolution then our old one, but it started to randomly delete pictures, so it was returned, adn I am camera less again. All we have for pictures right now are our cedll phones. Thankfully we have those to capture special moments, even if the quality is a little low.


houseofhud said...

Congratulations Melanie. I just came across your blog after being gone and was surprised to hear you had your baby. I love the name...I almost named Jaden that! Hope everything is going well. Ryley is in our prayers.

Ashley Dawn said...

It's gotta be so hard to balance all of it. You're such a good Mom to try to figure it all out still. I would've had many moments just crying on the floor (especially with those special Mommy hormones that are so lovely). Hope things keep looking up and I'm sure your boys will be fine. It's just a challenge for the whole family...our prayers are with you.