Monday, November 5, 2012

Chocolate Card

Jordan made me this great Chocolate Card that I can include with all of our gifts this year.  I LOVE it, now people will know what flavor they are eating without me having to tell them every time.  Yay for homemade chocolates, and yay for a husband who helps me with my crazy ideas!

Halloween 2012

Halloween was a fun, but busy day for us.  I was able to spend the day with Ethan in his kindergarten classroom in the morning and help him carve a pumpkin, then Ryley and I both spent the afternoon at the school helping out.  During the costume parade Ryley decided that she needed to dance - we were sitting at the very front of the gym, and she started dancing to monster mash, and thriller in front of all 500 kids.  Skyler and his class thought that it was super funny. 

Then right after school I took the kids tot he mall to trick or treat, it was cold outside, and none of my kids chose costumes that would really do well over a snow suit.  They didn't get a ton of candy, but they had fun, and got some cool collecting cards from one of the game stores.  We came home for some dinner and then it was time for tick or treating.  The kids did about 12 houses before they decided they were done, and came home to hand out candy.  The kids were just as excited about giving out candy as they were about getting it.

Ethan was pretty funny, he would decide that he only wanted 3 candies.  He would go to the first person and ask for 3 candies, and they would kindly say no, just one.  He would go to the second house and ask for 2 candies, they would kindly say no and give him one, then he would go to the third house and they would give him 3 candies, and he would give 2 back and say that he only needed 3 and now he had 3 and walk away.  It puzzles me as much as those poor people he gave candy back to.

We had a very serious looking Darth Vader, and fun loving batman, and the cutest little minnie mouse that you ever did see.