Saturday, July 11, 2009

Calaway Park Fun

So we took the boys to the stampede earlier this week. Jordan and I both grew up in Calgary and were exposed to the stampede, and this is our 3rd summer living back in Calgary after being in Edmonton for school, but neither of us had been since we were in high school, so needless to say we were not well prepared for the ridiculous expense of the endeavor. We went of kids day so the entrance to the park was free (otherwise that would have been 15 dollars a piece for Jordan and I) but we refused to pay 4 dollars a ride for the kids to go on any rides. We did splurge and buy them a treat, a 5 dollar bag of cotton candy, which by the way is on my counter still. We saw the dog show and went home. For me it was a huge disappointment. If we were going to really experience anything there is would have cost our family over 100 dollars. Skyler too was very disappointed because he could see all of the rides, but we wouldn't let him go on any of them. We promised him that day that we would make a trip out to Calaway park, so today was the day to follow through on promises.

The kids LOVED it. both of them. Skyler loved being independent and going on rides on his own.
Ethan was upset that Skyler could go on more rides than he could particularly a motor bike ride. My brother Stephen came along, and was great, he and Jordan went on the rollercoaster, but besides taht just helped out with the 2 kids which was really nice.

Skyler has this new thing when he is really excited, it is totally goofy, and funny. He gives 2 really excited thumbs up, and a goofy grin - it kind of reminds me of President Carter.Side Rant: Kids are horrible at waiting in a line and not pushing through. Not that my own kids are without fault, but when I see them being rude, or pushing through a line I say something to them. I want them to grow up being respectful, courteous, and being able to really enjoy things like Calaway Park, and not just hating the lines. There was a little train ride that Ethan could go on by himself, and he really wanted to go, but wanted the front car. He waited in line, didn't get the front car, and was upset, so he waited in line again - actually he was the only one in line (and I was standing with him) and a little girl, with her mom came and pushed herself in front of him, and declared that she wanted the front car. I said that was fine, but that is also the car the Ethan wants, and he is first in line. The gate was opened, and she pushed again, and climbed in the front car leaving Ethan devastated. He cried for probably 10 minutes going "my choo choo, my choo choo" It was heartbraking, and I was really bothered by the fact that he waited twice, and the other childs mom did not do or say anything to help the situation,a nd I left with a crying child who did not get to ride the ride once, but waited for it twice.

Ethan's version of a Pirate

this kids cracks me up!

Apparently eye patches are not only for the eyes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pirate Party

Today was Skylers Birthday, I am now the mom of a great big 4 year old, and he is soo proud to be 4. We held his party outside at Lake Chaparral (thanks Tamara for getting us all in) and it was the smartest thing ever. I am feeling really pregnant, and not loving running after a million kids. My brother, Stephen is a life saver, and the greatest Uncle that my kids could aske for. He is fabulous at giving them one on one attention, and my kids adore him for it.

We had a Pirate Party, so naturally we had to dress like pirates with Bandana's and eye patches. We started with a treasure hunt that Stephen headed up, and the kids got to travel all over the lake following thier treasure map trying to find the treasure chest. (this was great, all of the moms got to sit and talk, while all of the kids were on the hunt. I am happy to say they found a treasure chest full of treasure, and were so excited to tell us about it when they got home.

We had a cannon ball fight between our 2 pirate ships, unfortunately my camera is broken, and I was relying on my brother, and we missed the action shots, so we made the kids go back and pose for a picture in their boats.

Lunch was pretty simple. We had pitas, watermelon, out to sea pasta salad, ocean blue jello jigglers, and juice boxes. I made a pirate ship cake which thankfully dissapeared, so it didn't have to tavel home again.

The kids always love a pinata, so we had our skull and crossbones pinata that I made - by the way, after several online tutorials, I am the master of pinatas!

Opening presents finally came. I cannot believe how impatient a 4 year old can be. He was thrilled with all the he got. EEthan loved playing with all of the new toys this afternoon while Skyler went to see the movie UP with Uncle Stephen.

Happy birthday Skyler, We sure love having you in our family!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Skyler came running upstairs yesterday to tell me that Ethan was stuck, I came downstairs to find this. I laughed soo hard, the harder I laughed, the more distraught he got, but he kept saying duck duck duck (translation: stuck stuck stuck)