Thursday, April 30, 2009

China Men

Our neighbor recently returned home from China and brought back some adorable things for the boys. They got some real terracotta warriors, as well as these little Chinese Jammies. They make me think of the ones my dad brought back from Singapore when I was about their age.

COBBS Bakery

This is the field trip that we did for preschool. There are a few others coming up in the next month, and I am so excited! This went over GREAT the COBBS crew had 2 people who were there just to help us. We showed up with our crew of brightly decorated bakers, and they had us all wash our hands and led us to the back. The kids got to mix up scones - this was awesome, goo, and powder coming together to make play dough that they got to eat!
The next step was to pound it out on a cutting board (really this was shaping the scones) again what kid wouldn't love this. The cutter - too funny there were 6 kids hanging off the lever to pull the blade down. The cinnamon scones needed to be dipped in cinnamon, the white chocolate raspberry scones needed to have raspberry's pounded into them, and the chocolate ones were left as is. While the scones were baking the kids ate up some yummy cinnamon buns, and got to learn all about the machines in the bakery. The best part (for me as a mom anyways) was that they sent each child home with 6 scones, and the mom's who came got some yummy carb loaded bread. COBBS did this all for FREE, sent the food home for FREE, and I am soo appreciative. The kids loved it, and it was great for them to try something new.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

every morning

I am not sure why, and not for the positive reinforcement, that is for sure. This drives me nuts, but he continues to scoop yogurt onto the table into pile every morning, and then eat it from there.

Little Chef's

So I kind of got myself in over my head. The little Joy School group is going on a field trip to a bakery, and I thought hey wouldn't it be cute if they all had aprons. I am busy finalizing the field trip with the bakery and I am told that all the kids need to have hats on their heads. Wouldn't it be cute if they all had little chef hats. Indeed it would be, but I have never followed a patter in my life. I sew - kind of, I just cut and sew until it resembles what I am trying to make. I spent 3 hours cutting out fabric and then one very busy day sewing, but are these not so cute?

My sister in law did a little photo shoot. Here are 6 of the aprons, but I made 11, I will post some of the older boys in theirs after the trip on Thursday.


We had a great quiet weekend in Banff while my parents watched the 2 boys. There really wasn't a lot to keep us busy, but it was a nice and much needed break. There is so much stress right now with Jordan trying to find a job, and it was the first time in months that he has really been able to let go and just enjoy himself.

When we got home we decided to take the boys bowling, and they loved it! I wonder how long Skyler could have kept going?Ethan was really impatient and we ended up having them open up a second lane so the boys could just keep bowling, but he looked so cute carrying those balls around.I am sure there are a few more dents in the floor then there were before last night , but the boys had fun.apparently Jordan and I bowl too fast for the i-phone to capture on camera.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Graduation Party

We are nearing the end of Jordan's Masters so today I threw him a surprise party, and it was fabulous! More than 70 people friends and family came to say congrats, and to help me shoe Jordan the appreciation for all that he has done. We are nearing the end of 6 years of school, and he has supported his family and we have 2 children who have blessed our lives in this time.I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would have liked because I was busy filling up the food table, organizing the party, or of course I spent a little too much time talking to all of our wonderful guests, and I already had all of my family with assignments to help me pull it off.

My mother in law, and my sister in law Tamara did all of the decorations, they were simple, but looked great. The hat Jordan was wearing was one of the centerpieces.
they did a couple of banners like the one above, that had all of the scholarships and awards that Jordan has won in the past 6 years.flanking the screen that was set up for the slide show it said congratulations Jordan, and had 2 balloon mom made that cake, and I think that it turned out great! We used black, white and Red as the color pallet because those are Jordan's school colors at the University.

My sister in law Jocelyn made a short, cute photo show showcasing milestone in Jordans life since high school. being married, having 2 kids, graduating with his undergraduate degree being the big ones.

We did a short game of How well do YOU know Jordan, and there were 40 questions for people to try and answer about Jordan I loved this, and thought it was really fun. We had prizes for those that came in the top 3 as well as the top friend, since family seemed to have the upper hand answering these questions.

I am so grateful for all of the help in pulling this off, and I really hope that Jordan knows how proud I am of his accomplishments, and how grateful I am of all of his hard work, and support that he has given ME during theses 6 years.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I decided to do little Easter presents this year for the boys because there is always to much candy. Skyler was soo excited that the Easter bunny came. He got some tools for working with daddy. Ethan got a little ball popper that says it is for 9 month olds, but he LOVES it. He was quickly distracted by the 2 small pieces of candy that were in his basket, and lost all interest in anything else until they were out of the picture.Then we tried to get a picture of the boys all dressed up for church, not new outfits, but springy and matching which is soo important!I am so greatful for the atonement in my life and for the simple knowledge that it gives me. I can have peace in my life, stive each day to be better, and know that if I am trying to be the best that I can be that he will make up for my weaknesses.

Sometimes I hate Socialized health care...but I am still grateful for it.

I got a phone call Thursday night right before the long weekend to inform me that I had a positive Nuchal scan (these often have false positives) and a positive anyways simply means you are at higher than average risk for Genetic disorders.

I went to talk to the doctor this morning more to humor her than anything. As a doctor she is pushing for further testing, but as my family doctor knowing me and my family quite well she does understand, and respect that it will not change my decision to keep the baby.

The result of this visit was for me to go to my 3rd ultrasound in 3 1/2 weeks, only this time it is at a fertility specialist something or other. Why do I have to go to 3 ultrasounds??? all of which are before I can even tell what the baby is, and I have to find someone to watch my boys, and make sure that day home mom stays home so that I can go... ugh

But, count my blessings, I am pregnant, all of these tests are costing me nothing because we do have socialized health care. I know that my Doctor has my best interests in mind.

My brother in law is actually hoping that I have a baby with down syndrome, and I don't see that as a bad situation either. He has a sister with downs, and she is the love of the family. They come into this world perfect, and leave perfect, I would know without any doubt that that child would be with me forever, and what amazing charity and love is learned through dealing with someone as special as that!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy day welcoming spring with flowers

We spent a great deal of time today out in the backyard enjoying our (almost) snow free yard, and when we were not outside we were decorating pretty cookie bouquets.Ethan decorated his, and then really enjoys eating it.I also managed to get some cute Easter give- aways done for the women that I visit teach, I hope they taste a yummy as they are pretty.I also just got a phone call - the not enough info has resulted in a positive test result, and the doctor is really pressing for more tests, I guess we will talk about it on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa came home...

and it was like Christmas in April. I can't complain because they spoiled us all, but the boys thought it was the best. One of the little things they brought home were porcelain bunny and chicks for the boys to paint which they both LOVED doing.

Painting seems to be their favorite thing right now, so for snack this afternoon the kids got to paint their bread before I toasted it up and put some peanut butter on it for them, and they thought they were in heaven painting their food.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Randomness, and a baby update

I just thought this was cute, and should have gotten a picture of Skyler as well. Smoothies make a regular appearance in our home, and following a smoothie is always a warm blanket and for the kids cartoons. Like Father like Son.
I also had more mission home cooking to do this week, and again not a lot of notice, but it worked out, it just made Friday a little crazy loading up 4 kids, and all of the food to get it to the mission home for zone leader training. ANyways this was dessert, a simple cheesecake with some yummy fresh strawberry's on top.I should have taken a picture of my kitchen at this point, it was less than pretty, but the food was done!

In baby news

I had a couple of tests (non-invasive) on thursday where they were hoping to do some genetic testing on the baby. Apparently the baby was no cooperating and they were not able to get complete scans - I guess my doctor will tell me at my next appointment if they were able to see anything at all, but then they wanted to move on to more invasive testing and suggested an amnio. I declined, I know enough about biology, and the strain that an amnio presents to both fetus and mommy to know that I don't need one. I am 25 years old, and otherwise healthy. The doctor thinks it is important because they are wanting my options open for abortion and adoption, but since it won't change my mind we will just take it as it comes. No more genetic testing, and we will see how Heavenly Father wants this baby to join our family, healthy and whole, or with some trials in this life.