Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashley Lake 2011

We did spend a week at Ashley Lake this year, like we always do, and of course we had a lot of fun. We tried a few new toys this year including the giant bubble, and the lily pad. Skyler got up skiing and was very proud of himself. He also had his first bad dump off of the tube that I thought for sure would end his fearless quest for more waves and Grandpa to go faster, but I was wrong. Although it scared him pretty bad he was back on the tube in about an hour, and asking for Grandpa to give him bumps.

Ethan did the EZ ski and screamed the whole time, everyday that he couldn't do it. He couldn't stand up, as he was standing but I kept making him do it, and he did awesome, even if he screamed the whole time. He surprised us all and and did the bubble because he wanted to, and did not freak out at all!

Ryely was put out that the boys were doing all of the fun things and decided that she was going to do the EZ ski as well, and did great. She also did a bunch of tubing, and found it very relaxing.

Jordan made everything look easy as usual, and we all had so much fun just relaxing and playing for the week. The kids loved the little houses - figuring there is one for each of them now. We LOVE Ashley Lake and are so grateful that we get to spend time there every year!

Magrath Days!

We made the treck down to Magrath again for the celebrations, and they did not disappoint. For a small town they sure know how to throw a party! This year we made it down in time for the kids carnival, but Jordan had to join us later so I was only able to snag a few pictures because managing 3 kids, and a camera was a little difficult. Skylers favorite thing to do was throw darts at balloons and try to pop them. Ethans was to have rubber duck races, and Ryley's was barrell racing on bouncy balls. Ethan refused to have his face painted but Skyler made up for it with the scariest face he could think of, and miss Ryley sat perfectly still while she had a butterfly painted on her face. Sadly we missed the greased pig chase because I had to make it out to Cardston to meet up with my family to go through the temple. Saturday morning met us with a wonderful parade (which I think they have upped the quality of those floats) Bags full of candy and some very happy children. Ryley got a ride down the street on Grandpa Fox's walker. Ryley was terrified of the loud noises that came along with some of the older vehicles and dirt bikes that were in the parade, but was super proud of herself when she found some candy. This was the first year that Skyler wasn't terrified of the petting zoo, and all of the kids enjoyed holding the baby bunnies. Ethan chose to spend his $2 that Aunt Sandy had given him on feeding the animals - he did it once, and went back to do it again. Everyone took a turn on the giant slide, even Stephen. Ryley loved the Strider bike, which after years of skepticism I have decided that I want one for my kids. We finished the day off with fireworks, and woke up both Skyler and Ethan. Skyler, while groggy at the beginning loved the show. Ethan on the other had slept through the show but insists that they were his favorite and wants to go to the fireworks every night.

I'm Goin there someday

My baby brother went through the temple for the first time on July 22nd, What a wonderful experience. I had too rearrange it for everyone so that we could make it, since we were getting ready to go on vacation, but I am soo glad that it worked out. We had some wonderful family and ward members that came to support him. My Dad was stubborn and refused to use the elevator, or his walker, and had some swollen feet afterwards, but he was able to be Stephen's escort, and I know that he is so proud.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

A friend of mine asked me to throw her a baby shower when baby number 3 arrived earlier this month. Since I don't know any of her other friends I was on my own for this one. I decided to do a Milk and Cookies theme to keep in simple and pretty. I think that it turned out beautifully, and everyone had a good time, and most importantly baby Jolee and her family were spoiled.

Calaway Park and Summer Fun

We have had some fun in the Sun this summer. A family trip to Calaway Park had all of the kids laughing. Ryley is a little adrenaline Junky, and loved every ride that she could go on. Skyler thinks some of the rides are too little for him, and is getting impatient for the chance to go on the bigger rides, and Ethan was just happy to follow along and do whatever Skyler was doing. We have also spent some time in the backyard with the pool and waterslide out - the kids LOVE this, and spend all afternoon in it, and then head right back out after dinner.

Swimming Lessons

We spend a lot of time around water. There is the cabin at Ashley Lake, my Dad has a Jet Ski, and then there is all of the time spent in pools. Jordan and I have decided that swimming is an important life skill, and the kids are going to take lessons twice a year until they make it all the way through. We just finished our round of Summer lessons, and the kids both loved it. Skyler was a solid head shorter than anyone else in his class, so jumping into chest deep water for everyone else left him on his tip toes, but he passed and is very proud of himself.
Ethan was stubborn throughout his lessons, and refused to do half of what he was asked to do (even though he does it all the time on his own) He did not pass, but loved going everyday, and is already talking about the next time. They do say the third time's a charm right?
I love that they enjoy the water so much, and I am proud of both of them for the work they did this summer in their lessons. Ryley is still too young to do lessons on her own, and there were no parented classes that timed up with the boys lessons, so she was pretty ticked that she wasn't allowed in the water, so I did brave taking in all of the kids on our last day of lessons so that she could finally get in the water. She loved it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Birthday BBQ

Today was Skyler's 6th birthday and we always try to have a little family party for them, the problem is there is never really anything small about a family gathering for us. We are blessed to live very close to all of out immediate family, so this little BBQ was 23 people strong. We are also very blessed that we like them all, and that they all help out to make something like this possible, and fun. I know that Skyler had fun - an impromptu water fight aided by Uncle James led to some very happy, yet very wet children. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us, we love you all tons!

Boys Camping Trip

Last Year Jordan took Skyler and Ethan on a camping trip - just the boys. It was only for 1 night, but the boys loved it. This year Jordan suggested they go again, I was supportive, but chose not to remind Jordan how frustrated he was coming home last year. Friday Night was the night, and we had 2 super excited little boys, and one daddy with an arsenal of ideas for fun with them. They boys were each a year older, and this year went better than the last. I hope that they continue to spend time together like this, and I envision it getting easier and more fun each year.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

I am married to the most thoughtful man on earth! I Love how he is always planing dates and activities that we can do together, and how he picks up on things that I would like, He is super observant. Unfortunately for him, I am a little slow. Last night while I was out having a fabulous conversation with Karey, he changed out one of our pictures at home.

Yup, that used to be a larger picture of the Savior, but now I have a witch.
It only took me until 12:30 today to see it, but I am soo super excited, and super appreciative of how thoughtful, and creative he is!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We are fortunate to have some really great American friends, so we get to celebrate the 4th of July every year with them. The kids are all getting older, so this year there was a bunch of fun for them. Nick had a classic science experiment making bubbles from Dy ice. We had 3 legged races - Does it count as a win if you become untied and are simply the first 2 people across? At one point in the evening Ryley decided that clothes were overrated, and I laughed pretty hard at her trying to strip.
Just before we left all of the kids were given a sparkler, which my kids thought was the greatest thing ever.
I just had to include a picture of our Diva, and this picture just says so much. Ryley loves to swim, and on this particular day we were going later, like a lot later, but she simple refused to wear anything else all day long. Secondly can you see all of the bling? She wears these dress up shoes, sparkly purse and all of its accessories all the time, and it always makes me laugh a little. I certainly do not dress like that.

Today we enjoyed our first bowl of Strawberry's from the gardern. I LOVE having a garden, but I find it hard to have the kids leave the strawberry's on the bush long enough to have anything substantial.

And then to make sure that today was super fun, this little man woke up puking, although he slept for about 3 hours this morning, and now seems to be right back to himself, we will have to see what the rest of today brings.