Sunday, July 31, 2011

Magrath Days!

We made the treck down to Magrath again for the celebrations, and they did not disappoint. For a small town they sure know how to throw a party! This year we made it down in time for the kids carnival, but Jordan had to join us later so I was only able to snag a few pictures because managing 3 kids, and a camera was a little difficult. Skylers favorite thing to do was throw darts at balloons and try to pop them. Ethans was to have rubber duck races, and Ryley's was barrell racing on bouncy balls. Ethan refused to have his face painted but Skyler made up for it with the scariest face he could think of, and miss Ryley sat perfectly still while she had a butterfly painted on her face. Sadly we missed the greased pig chase because I had to make it out to Cardston to meet up with my family to go through the temple. Saturday morning met us with a wonderful parade (which I think they have upped the quality of those floats) Bags full of candy and some very happy children. Ryley got a ride down the street on Grandpa Fox's walker. Ryley was terrified of the loud noises that came along with some of the older vehicles and dirt bikes that were in the parade, but was super proud of herself when she found some candy. This was the first year that Skyler wasn't terrified of the petting zoo, and all of the kids enjoyed holding the baby bunnies. Ethan chose to spend his $2 that Aunt Sandy had given him on feeding the animals - he did it once, and went back to do it again. Everyone took a turn on the giant slide, even Stephen. Ryley loved the Strider bike, which after years of skepticism I have decided that I want one for my kids. We finished the day off with fireworks, and woke up both Skyler and Ethan. Skyler, while groggy at the beginning loved the show. Ethan on the other had slept through the show but insists that they were his favorite and wants to go to the fireworks every night.

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Kira said...

what a fun summer you've been having