Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashley Lake 2011

We did spend a week at Ashley Lake this year, like we always do, and of course we had a lot of fun. We tried a few new toys this year including the giant bubble, and the lily pad. Skyler got up skiing and was very proud of himself. He also had his first bad dump off of the tube that I thought for sure would end his fearless quest for more waves and Grandpa to go faster, but I was wrong. Although it scared him pretty bad he was back on the tube in about an hour, and asking for Grandpa to give him bumps.

Ethan did the EZ ski and screamed the whole time, everyday that he couldn't do it. He couldn't stand up, as he was standing but I kept making him do it, and he did awesome, even if he screamed the whole time. He surprised us all and and did the bubble because he wanted to, and did not freak out at all!

Ryely was put out that the boys were doing all of the fun things and decided that she was going to do the EZ ski as well, and did great. She also did a bunch of tubing, and found it very relaxing.

Jordan made everything look easy as usual, and we all had so much fun just relaxing and playing for the week. The kids loved the little houses - figuring there is one for each of them now. We LOVE Ashley Lake and are so grateful that we get to spend time there every year!

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