Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coat Hook

My sister in law calls me up ever once in a while looking for a pinata, I oblige and make a pinata for her, and she in turn makes something for me. Let me tell you I get the better end of the deal! A few weeks ago I made a Batman pinata for her, and today I picked up a new coat hook for Mom to use. Isn't it beautiful! I have looked and looked, and even found a few things that I thought would work ok, most were too bulky, but this is exactly what I was looking for.

Glow Sticks!!!

Spring Break, well kind of. Only Ethan has this week off. Skyler is in the Foothill School District and he has srping break the week following Easter (which I think I like a lot more) but Ethan has this week off. Today is only Tuesday, and I honestly never thought that I would feel this way, but ahh, I am not sure I am going to survive. Ethan and and Ryley have been yelling and fighting like you would not believe, and I am so sick of hearing MOM! For a sanity break today I threw them in the bath and broke out some glow sticks - they loved it, and although I could still hear them fighting over whose is whose, I almost got an hour to help me keep going for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow we plan to go bowling with my sister in law, so that should help as well.

A Big Ol' Pirate Party

I get to work with a wonderful group of women to put on Monthly activities that help to enrich and fulfill our lives. March is always a big month, it is a celebration of Relief Society. Our Theme this year is treasures, so we had a night to treasure ourselves. To feel that we are of worth, and loved by more people than we will ever know. Have you ever had an experience where something hard has happened to you or someone in your family, and people you didn't realize cared, or were watching came out of the woodwork to help, ease the load and make sure that you are ok?

We had fun trying to make this classy yet fun, and I LOVE how it turned out. We were served by some wonderful men, and had a very uplifting speaker. It touched my heart, and I hope that it touched a few others as well.

Royal Tyrell Museum

My Nephew was Baptized a few weeks ago, so the kids and I packed up and drove out to Drumheller for the big day. While there we made a trip to the dinosaur museum. Ethan was scared out of his mind in the entrance, but warmed up to it shortly, the other two loved it. If only there were 3 of me because they all wanted to go in different directions, and even with my in laws, and 2 of my sister in laws and their families I still lost Skyler once.

Star wars movie party

Skyler has completed all of the reading levels, and is now onto free reading, and is reading chapter books. We told him when he finished his first chapter book that we would throw him a movie party. He had a friend over, had pizza, they watched star wars 6, ate loads of junkfood and popcorn, and did it all dressed as Star wars Characters. Skyler had a blast, and I hope that the knew how proud we were of his achievements, He is the top boy in his class, and he has worked really hard to get to where he is.

A quick getaway to Banff

My in laws watched the kids for a few days so the Jordan and I could take a quick trip. We went to Banff for 2 days spent some time cross country skiing, went to the hotsprings, and had some delightful meals that were not interrupted because someone needed help going pee. Time away os soo important! It helps you to enjoy all of the time spent together. I was happy to come home to my kids, and we had a few good stories from our time away.

Skyler Went Skating

I bought skates at garage sales last year, and really wanted to try the kids skating this year. Unfortunately with the move, and developing the basement we never made the time (and couldn't find the skates) then Skylers school was going skating and he really wanted to practice before he was out with all of his friends. He did great for his first time and it gave him the confidence that he needed to have a great time with his class. Heres hoping that next year allows for a little more skating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hitmen Game

Jordan and Ethan got to go to a Hitmen game tonight. Jordan told Ethan that the teams name was the Calgary Hitmen. For the first period he called them all kinds of names like the Calgary Hippos, Calgary Hip guys, and then but the second period he had settled on the Canada Hickers. - I bet you wish you could catch a game played by the Canada Hickers!

This kid has an imagination, but is totally invested in everything that he says and does. We sure love having him around.