Friday, October 29, 2010

Finale in Halloween Dinners

So tonight is my last Halloween dinner for my kids. Tomorrow is our adult Halloween Party and then the festivities are over in our home. Tonight I cooked dinner in a pumpkin, and it was really tasty. Pumpkin is soo good for you too, so you can feel good about eating it. I didn't make another dessert, although I did teach my sister in law how to make witches fingers yesterday, so that counts right? We will probably actually dip apples on Sunday, but we will see how our day goes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids Halloween

This year for Halloween I had a strawberry, and very cool Tiger and Bumble bee the Transformer. This one took by far the most work, and my personal favorite are the taillights on Skylers little behind.

I LOVE these kids, and seeing them happy just makes my heart melt.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Spooky Foods

Last week we had a pinwheel snake, and then bones with goblin goo, which I forgot to grab a picture of, but they were so yummy they went pretty fast.

This week we had baked bones and worms. Ryley LOVED the bones, and the whole family enjoyed snacking on worms while catching a movie tonight.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

From the mouth of Skyler

I asked Skyler what he would like for dinner, and he told me we should make bodies with lots of cuts and blood (a little morbid hey, maybe there is too much halloween in our family)

I respond by asking him if we should cook him up. He quickly tells me that we need to do this with food that looks like a person and ketchup blood.

When I insist that cooking him would be much easier. he responds "No, cuz then you won't have the son that does dishes"

right... we should have the other son then?

wait, he had a response for that too.

"No because then it would be boring!"

Jordan thinks that I should preface this and explain that I had been talking about our spooky food for the week being baked bones - I just figure if you know me, and really do read my blog then you would know that we celebrate any holiday we can think of and have promised my kids to make a halloween meal each week during the month of October.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Gift

Jordan's Cousin Emily is getting married this weekend, and we are excited to see her on this special day. She is actually more than just Jordan's cousin, she was a Beehive in my ward when I was a Laurel, and I can remember some great late night talks with her at Young Womens Camp. She knew that Jordan and I were dating before his family did because Jordan chose to keep that little bit of information to himself.

I found some super cute aprons at Winners and picked one up for myself and one for Emily, and then I etched her 'new' last name onto a glass baking dish, added a brownie mix, icing and a gift card for grocery's and I think it turned out pretty cute. Yay for weddings!

Do You Love Me?

so those that know me know that I am NOT into video games, and never have been. I occasionally humor Jordan and play the Wii with him, but it is not something that I would ever chose to do. Skyler asked me today "Mommy do you love me?" to which I easily replied of course I do. Then came the follow up question "Do you love me enough to play games with me?" I HATE playing games, but I do LOVE Skyler - What am I going to do with this kid?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spooky Foods

Since Halloween is on a Sunday this year my house is decorated for the kids a little earlier, and I decided that I would make them one Halloween themed meal a week for the month of October. This week we had Mummy Dogs, and a spooky monster ice cream cake. The kids loved it, and it was super easy, so we will look for something to do next week.

Miss Ryley

This little girl has personality! She knows what she wants/likes and makes certain that you know too. She loves hats of any kind, if she finds them she brings them to you to put on her. She actually has a pretty impressive collection of hats, and I think this is cute, so I totally buy into it.

She also LOVES her blanket and bear. She was given a pink teddy bear by my brother who brought it up to the hospital the day after she was born with Skyler and Ethan. It has been in her bed ever since, including her month long stay in the NICU. I have tried looking for a spare, but he bought it at Safeway, and the identifiable tags have long ago been lovingly worn off - so we guard the bear because I value my sleep.

Her blanket was made by my Mother in Law for her and she knows it is hers. The other day I was washing it after yet another bloody nose (we are on 3 so far this week) and I put her down for a nap with another blanket; Needless to say it was a less than stellar nap, and she just cried for her blanket when she found it in the basket.

I love this little monkey, and all of her personality. Ryley makes me laugh every day, and I am so grateful for her.