Saturday, September 27, 2008

ok, so apparently I don't Blog during the summer, I am too busy having fun, and then I need a push to start again once the busy fall hits. Life is goof for us, we spent a week in Montana at Ashley Lake this summer with Jordan's family, and loved it. Skyler gets soo excited about Grandpa's big Yellow Boat. I have decided that I do love wake surfing. I never really caught the bug of Skiing, and wakeboarding before having my kids (although I have tried many time, just never really got it) and now I have no nerve, but I love the low intensity wake surfing. Skyler loved the tube, like really loved it, I would get really scared that he was going to fall off, and he would tell me that the bumps were his favorite part. He really enjoyed going with my sister in law and her cousing who he affactionately called "Cole" - not so bad, her name is Nicole, and he loves her! Jordan was showing everyone up, including his brother in laws who would try repeatedly to do a trick, and Jordan would get it his first time, and make it look easy. He has this insane natural ability which is pretty impressive for how lazy he is - Love you hunny! Ethan pretty much chilled in the boat, fel l asleep a few times, and screamed non stop when he was done in the boat, but we weren't.

We also spent a week on Shuswap Lake on a house boat - fun? Our second day out my brother was in a Jet ski accident, and has been in and out of the hospital for the last 2 months for treatment of his leg. It was tres gross, and super frusterating, at one point they thought he would lose his leg, at another though they would have to break the ankle to reset the leg. Ultimately he ended with a hairline fracture, immense soft tissure dammage, a skin graft, and lots of pretty stitches to leave a scar. On a happier note, Skyler loved being on the boat, riding the Jetski, playing with the rocks, and sleeping with Grandpa, it was his dream vacation. Ethan chose to go on a sleep strike for a week, I am sure most of you can not even immagine how little sleep I got that week! Skyler did love setting firworks off in broad daylight with Jordan though.

We attempted to go camping on the Labour Day long weekend, one night - I know, we are soo brave. The kids actually slept really well in the tent, and the worst part by far was setting up camp. I was dissapointed with the campground that we stayed at, I found it on line, and it claimed to have a beach - it was really a muddy cliff, and I couldn't even let the kids sit and play, I had planned on spending a 1/2 day at the beach. We went to the Royal Tyrell Museum, and both kids loved it. Ethan just loved being able to walk around, and kept trying to crawl into the exhibits. I do plan on doing some camping next year as well, hopefully we will start a little earlier in the year.

Jordan and I also took a little treip to California for 4 days kidless. Jordan served his mission in Carlsbad, and wanted to go back, it was our 4th wedding anniversary, and we decided to just go for it. I loved it, and I think he had a pretty good time, unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera - seriously, I forgot the camera. I did take one picture of Jordan with a baby monkey in the background with his cell phone. We had some beach days, went to the San Diego temple, met some members, and converts from his mission, spent some time at Dana Pointe Harbour, and at the Oceanside Pier - I loved this, spectacular! This trip was just perfect too, I was really able to enjoy myself, and not miss the kids too much but I was ready to see them, and be a mom when I got home. Yay for vacations, and yay for reunions with my handsome young men!

I am doing home preschool with some friends so that Skyler can get out and learn some fun things with his peers. So far, he loves it, and I am realy happy with how it is working out.

I am babysitting 2 kids full time at home, and 2 others part time - hopefully this is the last year that I need to worry so much about income. Jordan is wokring on his Thesus this year, so hopefully school is done in April - then we just have to find out where work will take us.

Yes, I do love my blog, and I am back hopefully to better record the happenings in the Nielson Family.