Monday, December 19, 2011

The cutest cow you ever did see

Ethan had a preschool Christmas Concert today and I was soo impressed. Skyler went to a preschool in Cranston, and though it was convenient, I didn't love it, so when it was Ethans turn we found a new one to try, and I have been soo impressed, I mean just look at those costumes.
Ethan was a little cow, and the cutest cow ever! He was soo excited that he totally forgot to sing, oh well he was happy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day to Party

Today was a day to Party. We had a kids Christmas Party for my Mom's work this morning, and then Jordan's kids Christmas Party this afternoon at Shakers.
At Moms the kids got to decorate cookies, there was a face painter, 2 bouncy houses, pizza, cakes, and if course Santa came. I think the best gift for the kids was a purple and pink leaptop for Ryley. I can send her little e-mails and it will read them to her!

Jordan's kids Christmas Party was at Shakers and the kids had a blast playing all of the games. Skyler and Ethan played Laser tag, although a few minutes in Ethan decided that he didn't like it. Skyler tried the climbing wall for the first time and did fantastic. I told him if he made it to the top that I would give him $2 - he made it about 2/3. And of course Santa paid a visit to the kids.

Tonight I have 3 very tired, but very happy children. I LOVE Christmas time!

Swimming Lessons

We finished our second round of swimming lessons for the year. Ryley really wished that she could be in the water to, but is too young to go by herself. The boys did great, they are basically fish now. Skyler will repeat swimmer 2 again, but Ethan passed preschool 2 (apparently 3rd time really is the one)
The pictures turned our horrible. Ethan had a male teacher for the first time, and just loved him; I am certain that it made all the difference.

A trip downtown

I had to make a trip down town to get the real property report stamped for the sale of the house, and as usual had 3 children tag along with me. They were so well behaved, and I loved this picture of Ethan and Ryley coloring together while we were waiting.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I miss him...

It has been 66 days since I last got to see and talk to my Dad, and I miss him. We are finding new normals, and of course are keeping busy with Christmas, a move, kids activities and school, work, church and friends, but somehow there is still a huge void. For the past 4 1/2 years my family and I have lived really close to my parents - at times I would have said too close, but they were an active part of my life.

Today I am missing the conversations. I am missing calling my Dad up to get his advice, or input. I miss him talking me through things when I would get upset. I miss him validating my opinions, and then putting me in my place for being hot headed, or too opinionated. I miss him just listening, and I miss listening to him. I miss his constant support and feeling like I really could take on the world. I miss lunch dates, or showing up at his office.

My Dad was GREAT man! I just wish I could call him up and talk.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Present Game

In Family Fun Magazine in 2010 they talked about a game called the present game. A game to help your children receive gifts graciously and with more gratitude. I thought that this is the perfect season to try to remind our children of their manners. After doing it tonight, it is clear that we will have to revisit this game a few times a year, but it was fun, the kids enjoyed themselves and it really helped to take the focus off of them as they received their gifts.

I started by wrapping up 3 random objects. I used one sock, an orange peeler and a pencil. Then I sat the kids down and told them that I had a gift for each of them, but they had to say thank you when I gave it to them, and then after they opened it they had to tell me why they loved their gift. For example Skyler loved his orange peeler because it will help him eat oranges easier and he loves oranges.

After they had each opened their gifts they got to 'shop' around the house and find a gift to give to each other and then come and wrap it and we did it all over again with the gifts that they had found for each other.

2 Teeth

Jordan helped pull out one of Skylers really loose teeth the other night, Skyler went to bed, and the tooth fairy made a visit, then Skyler came running into my bedroom at 4:30 in the morning because his second loose tooth fell out. Much to his dismay the tooth fairy only took one tooth and left money for one, and he had to wait another night before the second tooth was recognized. My baby is growing up too fast!


Sadly we are really busy right now getting ready for a move, so the kids don't get as much fun play time as we normally put in. Ryley and Ethan did take advantage of all of the delicious snow on the ground the other day. Seriously, what is with kids eating snow?

Passing time

We have had a few showings in the past couple of months, and that meant passing time outside of the house. We have spent more than our fair share of time at the McDonalds playplace, and even made a trip to Cross Iron Mills and saw Santa and played with all of the free activities that they had out for the kids.


So we have been busy trying to sell our house since early September (We now have a conditional sale!) that meant that the already OCD momma got a little (ok, maybe a lot) more strict. I have never had a child draw on the wall, furniture, the carpet or anything. Ryley thought that this would be a good time to start. I was busy getting dinner ready, and when I went downstairs I found her masterpiece all over the stairs and the bookshelf. Thankfully they were washable and came off the bookshelf easily. The Carpet Shampooer more or less saved her life.


I HATE Movember - not that I hate what it stands for, I hate all of the nasty, and creepy looking Men all over the place who are just growing nasty facial hair. Now that being said, if you were legitimately raising money, then I still hate the nasty stash, but you can have your party...unless you are my husband.

Jordan tried doing Movember, and as you can see it was soo becoming on him, and about 2 1/2 weeks in when he was tired of me avoiding his kisses he shaved. For that I am grateful!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skyler's got a loose tooth

Skyler has a couple of loose teeth right now, so I decided to make a Monster tooth pillow that I saw here. I really didn't see trying to get under his pillow without him noticing a very easy reality.

kids Halloween

So we did make the kids dress up as lego when we were out as a family for Halloween, but for school parties and trick or treating we has a scary vampire, his pet Dragon, and the cutest witch I have ever seen!
The kids were thrilled that I was making them stay still for pictures, if you can't tell. Skyler LOVED trick or treating, and went out for some more even after the other 2 were done, but was happy to pick his treat a day for the month of November when we did up the calenders for them to punch treats out of. We did have to try and scale him down though - he would ring the doorbell, and then 2 seconds later start knocking repeatedly until someone came, and as soon as the door was open he would walk right on in. By the end of the night we had him just knocking, and almost not going into peoples homes. Maybe next year...

Learning to Cook

My kids have been so helpful lately, and really wanting to be involved in cooking. Jordan is more brave when it comes to the stove than I am, but the kids are doing well. Skyler has started to make breakfast for Ethan and Ryley and will get them, toast, or cereal and milk, and then likes to brag about his amazing sandwich making skills. We have even hear on occasion "Calm down, I can't even eat I am so busy making more sandwiches for everyone. I just can't make them fast enough" A small taste of my life.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Costume

This year for Halloween we were a lego family, sort of. When we were out as a family we were a lego family, but for school parties the kids dressed in something a little more comfortable - I will post those later.

As usual, Jordan gets the credit for the costumes. I came home one night and he excitedly showed me a picture of a lego man, and said this is what I am going to be for Halloween. I responded ok, make 2, and then as Halloween came closer I thought it would be so fun to have the kids be little lego pieces, and thus the family costume was born. I did paint, and paper mache Jordan and I's costume, and I did the kids completely - but all of the fancy work was done by Jordan.

The kids loved each having a color, and Ethan loved his hat, we have had to tell him several times that it is ok for Ryley to wear the red hat.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Photos 2011

We did family photos over the thanksgiving weekend, and my sister in law did it again. There are some fantastic pictures - although I am a little jealous that Jordan and I didn't get pictures done on the steps, the pictures all turned out soo cute! These are just some of my favorites.