Monday, December 5, 2011

The Present Game

In Family Fun Magazine in 2010 they talked about a game called the present game. A game to help your children receive gifts graciously and with more gratitude. I thought that this is the perfect season to try to remind our children of their manners. After doing it tonight, it is clear that we will have to revisit this game a few times a year, but it was fun, the kids enjoyed themselves and it really helped to take the focus off of them as they received their gifts.

I started by wrapping up 3 random objects. I used one sock, an orange peeler and a pencil. Then I sat the kids down and told them that I had a gift for each of them, but they had to say thank you when I gave it to them, and then after they opened it they had to tell me why they loved their gift. For example Skyler loved his orange peeler because it will help him eat oranges easier and he loves oranges.

After they had each opened their gifts they got to 'shop' around the house and find a gift to give to each other and then come and wrap it and we did it all over again with the gifts that they had found for each other.


Anonymous said...

see i told you, you are super mom!

Jenn M said...

What a fabulous idea!