Friday, March 19, 2010

Marissa's Baby Shower

A friend of mine, Marissa is having a baby in a few weeks, and I said months ago that I would throw her a shower. This shower turned out super cute, and was done with very little stress, it was an event where everyone who helped worked in an area of strength. We had a fabulous event planner do the decorations, and talented graphic designer do invitations, favors and print the games, and I worked on some of the food, and had a few sisters help at relatively little notice to make sure there was enough.The room looked super cute. It was owl themed and there were the cutest little felt owls hanging off of branches for the center pieces

It was a really neat effect.The favors were reeses pieces in these adorable little tins done up the the super cute owl again.
For food we had owl cupcakes
and nests of eggs
and then just a spread of yummy appetizers. We had a fruit and veggie platter, spinach dip, stuffed mushroom caps, cinnamon pull aparts, and tortilla pin wheels. We wrapped the water bottles with coordinating paper and added ribbon which totally looked cute and then had punch.In the end I think that Marrissa did feel loved and spoiled as she was showered with gifts for baby Toby which was our goal. I love that I have friends who will help me pull something like this off, and I love that we can all enjoy ourselves doing it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Day

This year we had a few really nice days leading up to St. Patrick's Day, and Skyler wanted to play at the park more than he wanted to make a leprechaun trap. So bedtime came and went and we still had no trap built. I decided to leave pots of gold under the table for the kids this morning, and they loved it!

We had some Lucky Charms for breakfast, and made some green pistachio bread for snack. The bread was soo yummy and had a natural green color without any food coloring.

We took a trip up to Jordan's office to take him some bread and say hello, played Lucky Bingo
and then enjoyed our green dinner, which this year had veggie ravilioni, soo yummy, green Jello, and tried green milk - Is it hard for anyone else to swallow green milk?

We ended the day with my 3 leprechauns having a green bath and getting ready for bed. Skyler was soo worried that he would be died green.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

big bum...

so it may be common knowledge that my husband and boys have very little on the backside, and I on the other hand have plenty. Last night we were joking about the boys little bums at bath time, and Skyler got offended saying that his bum was big. I corrected him saying that no mommy had a big bum, and everyone Daddy Skyler and Ethan had little bums. Tonight after dinner at my in-laws Skyler proudly shows us a picture he drew of our family and points out... you guessed it my big bum, and boy was it big!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Made by...

Skyler is all about competition right now, and how he wins, or does things faster, better, more etc. Today he was saying that he loves Ryley the most of all, and I said no, I love her the most, I made her.

His response: No mommy you didn't make her Eli did!

Have you read the book You Are Special by Max Lucado? great book, great message. We read it, we like it, and apparently Skyler thinks we are Wemmicks.

After I laughed out loud at his response, he did change it to Jesus made her.

Man this kid will do anything to make sure that I do NOT win :)