Thursday, March 4, 2010

Made by...

Skyler is all about competition right now, and how he wins, or does things faster, better, more etc. Today he was saying that he loves Ryley the most of all, and I said no, I love her the most, I made her.

His response: No mommy you didn't make her Eli did!

Have you read the book You Are Special by Max Lucado? great book, great message. We read it, we like it, and apparently Skyler thinks we are Wemmicks.

After I laughed out loud at his response, he did change it to Jesus made her.

Man this kid will do anything to make sure that I do NOT win :)


Carla McDaniel said...

That is so cute Melanie. And yes that is a GREAT book. One of our faves here at home.

Bree Johnson said...

i'm dying with laughter right now!

Anonymous said...

love it