Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Visit to Urgent Care

It is not uncommon for there to be blood on Ryley's bedding when I get her up in the mornings, there is not normally a lot, but I wash her bedding about 3 times a week to avoid stains from said blood. I have just assumed that she hit her nose, and there was nothing to worry about. I went to get her up after her nap yesterday and it looked like a massacre had taken place and blood was pouring out of her nose. We ended up in urgent care where I had to pin down my baby so they could cauterize her nose. Hopefully that takes care of it, but if we have more issues in the next couple of weeks we will have to do some blood work to check for anemia and bleeding disorders. I am hoping that it is just our dry climate. She was happy as could be mind you, with the exception of my constantly wiping blood off of her face.

Happy Birthday Stephen!

It was my youngest brother Stephen's birthday today, but my parents are in AZ and he just got home this evening from a trip to AZ. Naturally being the wonderful sister that I am we had him over for dinner and sang happy birthday to him. Unfortunately for him it was Ryley's birthday 2 days ago and I didn't want any more extra cake, so we put candles in Ryley's half eaten cake!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Calgary Zoo

We try to make it to all of the attractions around the city about once a year, and that includes the zoo, which happened quite late this year, and we didn't get it in until today, on the September long weekend. It is really just a nice walk although is was pretty busy today.the kids had fun seeing the different animals, Skyler walked around holding his nose the WHOLE time, and Ryley kept trying to get into the animal cages. They have the moving dinosaurs there right now which the boys really wanted to see, and after a small breakdown from Ethan because he was certain that the dinosaur was going to eat himboth boys did end up enjoying themselves, even if Ethan kept a death grip on my hand as long as we were anywhere near a dinosaur.

My baby is ONE

My baby girl, who for all intents and purposes is a complete miracle celebrated her first birthday yesterday. She was a twin, and we lost the twin early in the pregnancy. After many tests (although I refused the amnio which was the only way to be certain) I was told to expect a baby with downs syndrome, then she decided to maker her appearance over 6 weeks early and proceed to struggle through her first month of life giving us one really good scare where she coded and gave the nurses and doctors a run for their money to revive her. We are soo happy that is here with us, and I feel so very blessed to be able to raise this sweet little girl. I have a cute little party planned for her, but then both of her grandparents were out of town for her birthday (the curse of having a birthday around the labour day weekend) so I thought about doing it next weekend, but I have 3 meals for the mission home, and a shower that I am putting on, so instead I quickly did up a butterfly cake so that we could sing to her, have cake, and let her go to town.Se got some super cute clothes for her birthday which I love, and she got some fun musical toys. That seems to be her thing right now dancing and making noise.
Ryley is soo close to walking, and will just take off one of these days I am sure. She loves to climb up to the bottom stair and the scoot her bum to the end so she can stand up and walk away. She is a fantastic eater, probably my best eater and loves all kinds of foods. She loved her daddy and has made a point to excitedly call to him when she sees him, even though I have to work for a mom from her. She responds nicely to princess and pretty girl which I think she is referred to more often than her real name. Her brothers tell her daily, if not hourly how much they love her and she rarely has a moment to herself without someone showing her how much she is loved which sometimes she lets us know she could do without. I love my baby girl so much and she brings me more joy each day.

Friday, September 3, 2010

School Starts again

I have mixed feelings this time of year. I love the change of seasons, and i LOVE routine and schedules, but I also love having my kids around and ready for a spur of the moment trip to the park, or Calaway. Skyler was soo excited to start school, and he was thrilled that he had a friend in his class. It turns out that all of his church friends are in afternoon classes, but he is in the morning, and thankfully the one other kid in mornings is also in his class. We walked to school, which was nice, but it is far enough away that after we walked home it was time to go and pick him back up. At least we only have one more day of staggered entry, and then things will be more normal. My baby is growing up!