Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Calgary Zoo

We try to make it to all of the attractions around the city about once a year, and that includes the zoo, which happened quite late this year, and we didn't get it in until today, on the September long weekend. It is really just a nice walk although is was pretty busy today.the kids had fun seeing the different animals, Skyler walked around holding his nose the WHOLE time, and Ryley kept trying to get into the animal cages. They have the moving dinosaurs there right now which the boys really wanted to see, and after a small breakdown from Ethan because he was certain that the dinosaur was going to eat himboth boys did end up enjoying themselves, even if Ethan kept a death grip on my hand as long as we were anywhere near a dinosaur.


Bree Johnson said...

ethan is friggin hilarious!

Dorienne said...

My kids couldn't even make it past that first dinosaur. They started bawling their eyes out. Maybe next year?