Friday, October 30, 2009

Family Halloween Party

On Monday night for Family Home Evening (Grandma and Grandpa Darker came to join in the fun) we carved a couple of pumpkins, made some caramel apples, and decorated Sugar cookies. We had a quick discussion on service before hand, and then went and dropped off some goodies to a few people. It was super funny to watch Ethan decorate. It started off with him licking the icing as he went, and then he kind of got the hang of it, but unlike most kids who load on the icing he got really conservative. Both boys love to hold their sister, and have finally figured out how to do it without me having to hold her.

Like Father, Like Son

I love seeing my boys doing things that Jordan did as a little boy. I think that Jordan is a pretty amazing guy, and he is brilliant, but very analytical in his thinking, and that could be seen at a really early age. He used to love writing out numbers, and was forever lining up cars, and moving one from the end and moving it to the front. Now I find Ethan in Ryley's room, taking out all of the cars, and doing that exact same thing.Ethan has also brought that analytical thinking to the magnets on the fridge. Sometimes it is the letters, and sometimes it is the David and Goliath magnets, but it is all the same - one long line.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blessing Day

Today we had the opportunity to bless our baby girl. I felt soo blessed all day today. I felt blessed that we have such wonderful family around us here in Calgary, blessed that we had family willing to travel and share in this special day, blessed that my in-laws have a beautiful home that is open and perfect for accommodating large groups, and that they were willing to let us have the party there, blessed that my husband holds the priesthood and could give Ryley her blessing, and blessed to have the gospel and peace that it offers in my life.

Ryley was blessed at 9am this morning, and then after church we had a luncheon at my in-laws where 40 of our relatives came to help us celebrate our beautiful baby girl.

Ryley was able to wear my grandma Darker's Christening gown, and it was soo pretty. It was slightly yellow with age, but look beautiful, especially with the small sweater that my grandma made to go with it. I think this is such a special gift, and am looking forward to telling her all about it when she is older.I think it is great that we have family willing to take chocolaty kisses from my boys!

A Girl's Room

I was soo excited that I got to decorate a girls room, the problem was the I was on a very limited budget, ie. no budget at all. I did end up spending like $30, but I figure that is totally reasonable. I had soo much fun doing it. All of the inspiration came from her quilt - A huge thanks to my MIL I covered letters with scrapbook paper, made a valence using scraps from her quilt, used vinyl bugs and butterfly's, and a wall light from Ikea (I love this light, it is so soft and pretty, and made nursing her at night a lot easier) I did have to make certain that we found room to hang pictures of the savior, and the temple, becasue those are both things that I think are cruical, and I love how it all turned out.

Halloween Party 2009

This year for our Halloween party we got together with a friend to make things come together, because I was not able to dedicate the time needed to pull off a really cool party with the new baby, and it worked out great. I took care of all of the food, and Bree took care of all of the decorations, so we each worked on what we were most comfortable with.

Our 'theme' was haunted house, and out invitations were severed fingers - perfectly creepy, I know.

I was able to get some pictures of costumes, but missed a bunch as the party started. Jordan was a head in the freezer, and I was the 'cereal' killer that put him there. He was voted best costume.

Bree was an ipod add, adn Brandon a pirate - ha ha he was pirating her music.

Keshia just looked amazing, and we will call her an angel of darkness.

We also had a cameo from Taylor Swift, Dora and Diego, a monkey, a woman's purse and a few others.

Bree did not disappoint on decorations, I only got a few shots, and missed pictures of tons of the deatils that she thought to include, but her place looked amazing.

We carved pumpkins - oops, no pictures of that, and Diego took home our cool prize filled with candy.

We ate bones with garlic dip, and marinara, a pumpkin cheese ball, eyeballs on a fork, worms, witches fingers, spider web dip and had some special sodas including vampire blood, and zombie virus.

we watched a scary movie - Jordan is talented at choosing movies that truly disturb me, and others.

Overall, I would say that it was a fun night, and I look forward to next year, and to find out what Jordan would like me to work on then.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I LOVE Free stuff!

Do you love free stuff? Any of you nursing, or pregnant mothers out there head on over to Udder Covers for a free cover. Type in 1free under the promotions/coupons section when checking out, and you only pay the 8.95 shipping and handling. I just did it, and it totally worked. You can't even make one of these that cheap, and they normally sell for $32 plus shipping. Even if you are past the nursing stage, they make great gifts!

Monday, October 5, 2009

NICU Donations

I am going to make a big drop off next Friday October 16th. If there is anyone who would still like to help me out with some donations please let me know, so that I can make sure i have them before that date. Ideas for donations are in THIS post.

Thank you soo much!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How much do you tell a 4 year old when you can't keep a straight face?

When we brought Ryley home from the hospital Skyler was super concerned because her 'penis' was black - We quickly explained that Ryley doesn't have a penis, and that it was the umbilical cord - where baby Ryley had gotten food from mommy. Then just a couple of days ago Skyler was putting one of Ryley's diapers in the garbage for me, and asked if it was poo, or just pee. When I told him it was a dirty diaper he looked at me a shrugged his shoulders - 'of course it is mom, she has 2 bums...'