Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blessing Day

Today we had the opportunity to bless our baby girl. I felt soo blessed all day today. I felt blessed that we have such wonderful family around us here in Calgary, blessed that we had family willing to travel and share in this special day, blessed that my in-laws have a beautiful home that is open and perfect for accommodating large groups, and that they were willing to let us have the party there, blessed that my husband holds the priesthood and could give Ryley her blessing, and blessed to have the gospel and peace that it offers in my life.

Ryley was blessed at 9am this morning, and then after church we had a luncheon at my in-laws where 40 of our relatives came to help us celebrate our beautiful baby girl.

Ryley was able to wear my grandma Darker's Christening gown, and it was soo pretty. It was slightly yellow with age, but look beautiful, especially with the small sweater that my grandma made to go with it. I think this is such a special gift, and am looking forward to telling her all about it when she is older.I think it is great that we have family willing to take chocolaty kisses from my boys!


Ashley Dawn said...

How wonderful to have such a momentous day. I'm glad it was so special.

Marie said...

Wow! She wore her great-grandmother's blessing gown? Now that is a beautiful thought.