Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Can Do Better

I feel horrible today. I got a phone call from a friend, not a super close friend, but that is totally irrelevant. I was trying to sneak in a nap while my boys were being quiet downstairs and Ryley napped. I CHOSE to ignore the phone, only to hear her tear filled voice on the answering machine telling me that her sweet baby boy had his leg stuck in the crib, and she was afraid that she had broken it trying to get him out.

I was ignoring her! She needed someone to comfort her and help her. We are here to be instruments in helping those around us, and we don't always get a phone call - sometimes we are actually expected to be good people and listen to the promptings we are feeling.

She got a big hug (after I called her back, and woke up my baby and got everyone into the van to go to her house) and her sweet baby boy's leg came out of the crib no problem, and no it is not broken - he was being extra dramatic to make her feel good.

It was so easy, it took me 5 minutes - yet I was too tired to just help. I will Never forget how guilty and horrible I feel, and I will Never make this selfish mistake again!

I can do better, I will do better, and I challenge everyone else to do a little better.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We were supposed to be away on a family vacation this weekend with my family. First it was Arizona, then it was Montana, and because of my Dad's health we ended with staying home. We had made some plans of things that we would do with the kids, so we were sure to include all of those. Friday Morning we got to go swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Nielsons - then we had to litterally pull my kids away so that we could go to Grandma and Grandpa Darkers for some burgers. My grandma and grandpa Fox, and my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Kim came up for the day. It was fun to see them.

My cousin Meghan also came into town and stopped by to see my Dad. After lunch we took the kids to see the movie Hop - by far the favorite is a bunny that poops jelly beans.

Saturday was Ethan's first day of soccer, and he is pretty good when he is not whining and crying. We made Easter dinner and hosted it at our house so that my Mom and Dad wouldn't have anything to stress about. We have a small house, but we made everyone fit. We died Easter eggs, decorated sugar cookies and played some games with my family. It was a divine day!

This morning started out great! The kids slept until almost 8, found their Easter loot, ate waffles, and then I got everyone ready for church in their fancy new Easter clothes. I curled Ryley's hair and loved it - She is gonna be so used to me messing around with her hair, I just can't wait until I have more of it to play with.

We walked to church because it was a beautiful Day, then came home and got our bikes so that we could ride over to Grandma Nielson's for Easter dinner, and the Easter Egg hunt. Ryley unfortunately got a head start of the egg hunt, and we had a bit of a chocolaty mess on our hands. We went on a walk down to the river and then got to ride our bikes back home.

What a perfect weekend. I Love family time, and I Love it when Jordan has some time off work!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

lunch anyone?

We have another General Authority who is going to be speaking to the missionary's on Monday. This time I was asked to make 55 bag lunches for them to take on their way back down to southern Alberta. That is a LOT of sandwiches.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Boots!

My kids have small feet, they probably got it from me, but regardless I have a really hard time finding them shoes when they are toddlers. Ryley L O V E S to splash in all of those muddy puddles, but I wasn't able to find any boot small enough to fit her. My wonderful neighbor had her mom look while she was in the states, and she mailed up some beautiful, sparkly purple boots that match her spring coat perfectly! This girl has a thing for shoes, and these are surely her new favorite!

Friday, April 8, 2011

We're makin memories!

My parents have both made mention in recent months how they have not been on a date - like a real date in a long time, in fact neither of them could remember the last time they went out. That got the wheels turning, and we decided that we could help them make some happy memories as well.

We rented them a fancy little car - this must be a guy thing because that was Stephen's idea, and it is something that Jordan always thinks about as well. Made them a reservation at the Ranche and sent them on their way with the bill taken care of.

I love my parents more than I can ever say, and I would do anything for them. Although this was planned a while ago, it was good timing. My parents were supposed to leave tomorrow to make their way down to Arizona, and that has been canceled for the second time. The Chemo is not working, so we are onto plan B which changes his treatment times.

We earned some popcorn around here

Skyler has been hard at working memorizing all of his popcorn words, and today he was able to go all the way through them without any help. He may not look super happy here, but he was bouncing off the walls, and had a very hard time picking out his popcorn. He finally decided on Dill.