Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Can Do Better

I feel horrible today. I got a phone call from a friend, not a super close friend, but that is totally irrelevant. I was trying to sneak in a nap while my boys were being quiet downstairs and Ryley napped. I CHOSE to ignore the phone, only to hear her tear filled voice on the answering machine telling me that her sweet baby boy had his leg stuck in the crib, and she was afraid that she had broken it trying to get him out.

I was ignoring her! She needed someone to comfort her and help her. We are here to be instruments in helping those around us, and we don't always get a phone call - sometimes we are actually expected to be good people and listen to the promptings we are feeling.

She got a big hug (after I called her back, and woke up my baby and got everyone into the van to go to her house) and her sweet baby boy's leg came out of the crib no problem, and no it is not broken - he was being extra dramatic to make her feel good.

It was so easy, it took me 5 minutes - yet I was too tired to just help. I will Never forget how guilty and horrible I feel, and I will Never make this selfish mistake again!

I can do better, I will do better, and I challenge everyone else to do a little better.

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