Friday, March 27, 2009

baby news

ok, so here is a little background, for about the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy I was getting really bad sharp pain on my Uterus (the site of my previous c-sections, only deeper tissue) I went to the doctor who sent me for blood work, and an early pregnancy ultrasound - her only thoughts were tubal, or multiples since it was too early for any real growing pains.

I did go for both the ultrasound, and the blood work, and while I was getting the ultrasound the tech left a few times, then returned. In the end she showed me a baby heart fluttering inside of me. Since I walked out of this appointment with no information, and having seen a baby heart I had a feeling that there were 2, but then no phone call from the doctor. I did already have the first prenatal book, which was today, about 13 weeks along, and I was revealed some news, news that she got right after my ultrasound, but since it doesn't change anything chose to wait for my appointment to talk to me and talk in person.

I was pregnant with twins, in fact they would have been identical because my egg had split, and they were both in the same placental sac - the problem is that one of these little guys heart never started beating, so it is being reabsorbed by my placenta. Sad, that one isn't going to join us, but like I said, I have just known for a month, I just knew. The problem with all of this is that it would have been an identical twin, identical DNA and the heart never started beating, so now the doctor is sending me for some special genetic testing to see if there is something more going on.

For me this does not change anything I am a mom, and I love my children - all of them, even if that child has a genetic disorder and I deal with downsyndrome or some other difficulty. These tests will help prepare me, if that is indeed the case, but our baby will be loved for, and cared for by us, and family in our home regardless of the outcome!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patty's Day

So really I can't take credit for much today, Marie did all of this and more with her little's last year, but I just couldn't resist doing it with my boys. They both had soo much fun today, although I am convinced Skyler is terrified of leprechauns, he wouldn't even color a picture of one.

Yesterday the kids and I spent a while decorating a box and turning it into a leprechaun trap, trying to make it as enticing as possible with pots of gold, clovers, and lots and lots of green. This morning Daddy was up early and had the video camera waiting so when the boys woke up we started our day quickly checking to see if we managed to catch one of the sneaky little leprechauns. We have all of this on video, but I haven't figured out how to upload that, and make it work.

I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to find something green for the boys for St. Patricks day, and she came back from the stated with the whole green outfits for the boys.

We ate lots of green food, and all of my family much prefers food that is supposed to be green vs. things that we made green today. Broccoli was way better the green biscuits. We did do a pretty good job of sticking to green food though. Dinner was broccoli, spinach tortellini, green jello, green juice smoothies, and green cupcakes for dessert.

We colored pretty leprechauns, that is something Ethan is loving these days, he is my little artist.

I would love some input

I babysit kids in my home during the day - this is to supplement our income while Jordan finishes off his Masters, which should be done in April. I plan on taking kids only part time after he finds work (assuming he can earn enough for us to get by) Skyler loves having other kids around to play with, and does miss it when they are not here. For the most part the kids play really well together. I have not told their mom that I am pregnant yet, although I am not going to be able to hide it much longer, my hope was that I could tell her it was my last month with the kids at the same time, but I can't quit until Jordan has a Job.

Nathan, the little boy that I babysit is 4 1/2 years old, and can be a good kid, but he is very rough and destructive. I finally told his mom that she would have to pay to replace the things that he is breaking each month because it is way more than is reasonable. Last month she payed an extra 350 dollars to replace bins that toys are stored in, our wooden toy box, and a few of the kids new toys.

On Saturday I spent a good portion of the day buying the replacements for the house so that I can put last months things behind us.

Today Nathan broke on of those brand new toys (a digger that has a drill to build it and take it apart) then he shredded the lid to a puzzle, then he broke 3 of the bins that store toys in the basement, and I can't even remember what else he wrecked. He was using the little kids table as a launching site, and jumping off of it among other things.

Needless to say I was a little bit unhappy with him today, His Mom came to pick him up, and I was telling her of the events of the day, and she says to me that I need to take the toys that he can wreck and not let him play with them - she also made this comment earlier about the boys hockey sticks, any hard balls, and a number of other things. - My thoughts are that I should not have to censer every toy in the basement because he might brake it, they are all toys built and designed for toddlers and preschoolers, so why should I hide most every toy from my own children, and the other children that I care for because this 4 1/2 year old boy cannot control himself? He does not have any disorders, and it is not impulsive behavior either, but is very much premeditated.

Then his mom asks my why I have bins in the basement to begin with... Am I supposed to give up on any form of organization as well???

Am I being totally unreasonable? she sure makes me feel that way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a little of this, and a little of that

One of Skyler's favorite things to do (much to my demise) is make "houses" in the basement, this includes moving every toy that is in the basement into one location, and that is where he wil play all day long. Sometimes this is done with friends, but sometimes he does it on his own, and then I get to clean up the mess after - sound fun???Ethan ate meat for the first time ever. I had made these steak skewers, and Jordan was going at some leftovers. Skyler wanted to join in, and before you knew it, Ethan was sitting in my lap eating meat like a crazy little cave man, but I didn't care he was eating for the first time ever!On a totally unrealated note, don't these piess look devine?I had to make these for the mission home - I am working tonight. I am grateful that there is somewhere warm enough to have delicious strawberry's rip right now, and that they are able to transport food in a timely fashion so that I can enjoy a freash strawberyy pie when it is -25 outside.

Monday, March 9, 2009


oh, I am also pregnant, and we will welcome a new little baby into our home in September.

way too long

It has been way too long since I posted, and things have been a bit crazy. I had a week off from babysitting but my kids were sick all week. We took a long weekend down to Lethbridge, Magrath and Cardston to see some family - went to the water park, mini-golfing, and even saw Eric for some dinner. That was super fun until Skyler woke up with a crazy ear infection and sent us running home for some antibiotics.

Last week was busy with food, lots of food. I had to cook for the mission home for Tuesday lunch which meant Monday was spent shopping and prepping. Then I got to do food for our March party for Relief Society - which by the way was amazing the girls decorating seriously did an fantastic job! but that also meant more shopping, and prepping. Thankfully my mom helped with some of the clean up and we were able to be on our way within and hour of the event ending.

Then to finish off my food week we did a Big Cook on Saturday. we didn't use the Big Cook cook book, I have heard from more than a few people that they didn't care for the recipes from there. We scoured the Internet and recipe books and picked some that looked good to us and away we went. I am super excited to try some of the food,and see how everything tastes.

I obviously need to keep my camera closer, even when I think about taking it to take pictures, I seem to forget - How to Remember???