Monday, March 9, 2009

way too long

It has been way too long since I posted, and things have been a bit crazy. I had a week off from babysitting but my kids were sick all week. We took a long weekend down to Lethbridge, Magrath and Cardston to see some family - went to the water park, mini-golfing, and even saw Eric for some dinner. That was super fun until Skyler woke up with a crazy ear infection and sent us running home for some antibiotics.

Last week was busy with food, lots of food. I had to cook for the mission home for Tuesday lunch which meant Monday was spent shopping and prepping. Then I got to do food for our March party for Relief Society - which by the way was amazing the girls decorating seriously did an fantastic job! but that also meant more shopping, and prepping. Thankfully my mom helped with some of the clean up and we were able to be on our way within and hour of the event ending.

Then to finish off my food week we did a Big Cook on Saturday. we didn't use the Big Cook cook book, I have heard from more than a few people that they didn't care for the recipes from there. We scoured the Internet and recipe books and picked some that looked good to us and away we went. I am super excited to try some of the food,and see how everything tastes.

I obviously need to keep my camera closer, even when I think about taking it to take pictures, I seem to forget - How to Remember???


Ashley Dawn said...

Wow, you've been crazy busy, no wonder you haven't been blogging so much. You must be exhausted!!

Debbi said...

yah, Cyn and I tried a recipe from the Big Cook Book. Meh. not bad, but not "OH WOW" quality.