Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patty's Day

So really I can't take credit for much today, Marie did all of this and more with her little's last year, but I just couldn't resist doing it with my boys. They both had soo much fun today, although I am convinced Skyler is terrified of leprechauns, he wouldn't even color a picture of one.

Yesterday the kids and I spent a while decorating a box and turning it into a leprechaun trap, trying to make it as enticing as possible with pots of gold, clovers, and lots and lots of green. This morning Daddy was up early and had the video camera waiting so when the boys woke up we started our day quickly checking to see if we managed to catch one of the sneaky little leprechauns. We have all of this on video, but I haven't figured out how to upload that, and make it work.

I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to find something green for the boys for St. Patricks day, and she came back from the stated with the whole green outfits for the boys.

We ate lots of green food, and all of my family much prefers food that is supposed to be green vs. things that we made green today. Broccoli was way better the green biscuits. We did do a pretty good job of sticking to green food though. Dinner was broccoli, spinach tortellini, green jello, green juice smoothies, and green cupcakes for dessert.

We colored pretty leprechauns, that is something Ethan is loving these days, he is my little artist.

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Ashley Dawn said...

What great ideas. I wasn't as good of a mom as you. They were all in green though... Glad you had a fun St Patty's Day!