Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skyler's got a loose tooth

Skyler has a couple of loose teeth right now, so I decided to make a Monster tooth pillow that I saw here. I really didn't see trying to get under his pillow without him noticing a very easy reality.

kids Halloween

So we did make the kids dress up as lego when we were out as a family for Halloween, but for school parties and trick or treating we has a scary vampire, his pet Dragon, and the cutest witch I have ever seen!
The kids were thrilled that I was making them stay still for pictures, if you can't tell. Skyler LOVED trick or treating, and went out for some more even after the other 2 were done, but was happy to pick his treat a day for the month of November when we did up the calenders for them to punch treats out of. We did have to try and scale him down though - he would ring the doorbell, and then 2 seconds later start knocking repeatedly until someone came, and as soon as the door was open he would walk right on in. By the end of the night we had him just knocking, and almost not going into peoples homes. Maybe next year...

Learning to Cook

My kids have been so helpful lately, and really wanting to be involved in cooking. Jordan is more brave when it comes to the stove than I am, but the kids are doing well. Skyler has started to make breakfast for Ethan and Ryley and will get them, toast, or cereal and milk, and then likes to brag about his amazing sandwich making skills. We have even hear on occasion "Calm down, I can't even eat I am so busy making more sandwiches for everyone. I just can't make them fast enough" A small taste of my life.