Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoo Day

Skylers school had a zoo day a few weeks back.  Totally unstructured and the whole family was invited to come.  The kids all had a blast, with the highlight being when we sat down to eat luch and a crazy little bird came and stole Ethan's sandwich.  We lucked out and saw the penguins being fed, but there were a lot of people there, and it is hard to see much, when you have 3 little people to keep track of and a thousand other people who are pushing their way through.

 Skyler wanted pictures next to everything, all I had on me was my phone, thankfully it takes decent pictures too.
I have 3 little bears.  Big Brother

Little Brother

and Baby Sister

Even with all of the amazing animals that we say, and all the fun that we had, a play at the park is always warranted, and it is always hard to get them off the playground so that we can go home.

Teacher thank you

So for months I have been looking at teacher thank yous, but I have been really busy, and never really got around to doing anything.  On the last day of school Skyler asks me what he gets to give to his teacher...umm bad parent moment.  I had about 1 hour at home before I had to turn around and go back to the school, so this is what we ended up with.  It is a cute jar, and I etched an apple onto one side, and his teachers name onto the other.  He was happy to give it to her, and I am sure it can find a practical use in the classroom somewhere.

My little pianist

Skyler took piano lessons this week from my Sister in law Ashlyn.  He worked really hard, and all of his practice payed off.  He didn't always love it, he likes things to come easy for him, so the first day or two after a lesson he would resist, but by day 3 he had his songs down, and played for anyone willing to listen.  A couple of times he would get on his suit coat and put on a performance for us, and play through all of the songs that he had learned.  He played his songs perfectly at the recital, and I am so proud of his accomplishments.  I really hope that he will stick with it!  We will start again in September.

Soccer Season is Over

Jordan coaches soccer every year.  Jordan played soccer, and enjoys the sport.  The past 2 years he has coached Skyler, but this year he coached Ethan just to even things up a bit.  Unfortunately for Skyler there were not enough coaches for his level, so I ended up assistant coaching Skyler with another assistant coach.  I have never played soccer, and I don't even know the rules of the game.

This may very well have been Ethans last year playing soccer ever.  He loves the idea of playing, but hates when anybody comes near him when he has the ball.  Last year we fought with him almost every game, we said oh he is just too young.  This year we fought with him almost every game.  He would just not participate at all. He did love getting a medal though.  I think next year we will try t-ball.  Still a team sport, but less people rushing at him all of the time.

Skyler on the other hand loved playing, and did pretty well.  He played at recess and lunch at school, and was a very enthusiastic player. I think that he will carry on, but next year we are going to try Red Deer Lake soccer - only one night a week instead of 2.  These past 2 months have been nuts with Jordan coaching 2 nights, and me coaching the other 2.

Of course we needed some pictures of the cheering squad.  Ryley was a trooper being dragged to her brothers soccer games 4 nights a week.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worlds Greatest Dad

For the past 3 years Jordan has taken a weekend to take the boys camping.  This year his Dad needed some help opening up the cabin, so Jordan and the boys "camped" at the lake.  I thought that it was pretty funny how adamant Jordan was they they cook on the camp stove and campfire, and that they sleep in the tent instead of the beds just inside, and that they do camping activities.  The boys made smores, and hiked.  They made leaf rubbings, saw real bears and played with Grandpa. My boys came home tired, but so happy.  Skyler is really starting to enjoy the activities that Jordan plans for him, and he is older and easier to plan things for.  I am so glad that my kids have a Dad that will plan things like this.

Preschool Graduation

We have a preschool graduate again.  Ethan is all done school now, and ready to tackle kindergarten.  I look at my little boy and think how can he possibly go all day without me.  Clearly the answer is that he can't, he is my baby boy, but somehow he is growing up before my eyes.  He has done so well in preschool this year and had a little possy of friends from church which made preschool nice this year.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day

So, I do have some pretty amazing men in my life.  First of all is Jordan, the father of my children, and my best friend.  I am so grateful for his patience, and his laid back attitude.  He balances me well, and keeps me grounded.  I love him more than I can ever express, and life with him is wonderful.  He takes time with each of the kids and works on getting to know them each individually.  He has fun doing more grown up things with Skyler, but plays make believe with Ethan and has been known to play ponies, or babies with Ryley.  Jordan is a Father worth recognizing!  This year we gave him a shiny new BBQ tool set, and he was able to pick out a new belly putter.  I would love to say that he had breakfast in bed, and then was pampered all day, but that is not the way things happened this year.  I did make cinnamon pull aparts and they were brought to him while he was still in the bedroom (but it was after he showered).  Things were not rushed which is what he likes, but after church I took a nap while he played with the kids.  I was exhausted, it was proving to be a very emotional day.  Again, he is amazing, and we are lucky to have him.

I have my own Father who is no longer here with me, but I do know that he is still very much interested in my life, and I have felt him close by.  He was always my hero, and I have always looked up to him.   He always pushed me to do my best, and was my biggest fan.  I could talk to him about anything, and I am so grateful that he and I had a relationship that allowed free communication.  I miss him dearly, but there are lessons that he taught me that will never be forgotten.  He was the best!  I think that I am going to work on a book, and compile pictures and stories of my Dad to keep his memory fresh, and show my children what a great guy he really was.  Sadly they are not going to have many memories of their own.

I also have a wonderful Father in law who is the very definition of optimism.  He is kind and finds ways to make everything fun.  My kids adore him, and I feel blessed to have him close.  My sister in law had the idea to order a Crystal image for Rick for Fathers Day, so we all went in on it.  Funny enough at dinner we were joking about what you get the guy who has everything - the crystal image was a hit.  Apparently shirts are not a safe bet. ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today Sucks!

I will post later about all of the good about today, you know my wonderful husband and loving father of my children.  My great Father in Law and all that he is, but for now I am sad.  I miss my Dad, I want to give him hug, I want to be able to give him a gift that I have spent weeks planning and executing for him, and I want to have him here in my home.  I am grateful for an eternal perspective, but right now I just want my Dad back.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ethan is 5

We have kind of had a week long celebration of Ethan.  He woke up this morning, and came running into my bedroom, and sheepishly said, Mommy, I'm 5!  I love this boy so much, and I am so grateful that I have the blessing of raising and loving this boy.  He has made my life so full, and kept me on my toes.  He has taught me more about patience than I ever could have learned without him, and he has filled our home with love, and plenty of noise.

His birthday celebrations started on Friday when he got to chose one friend that we could take anywhere he wanted.  He chose his friend Amber, and Calaway park. We are super busy with different house projects, so off I went with 4 kids all 6 or younger by myself to Calaway Park.  It was generally fun and a great time, but when 2 would make it onto the ride and 2 wouldn't it would make it kind of difficult, or when they needed to be accompanied by and adult, and there were 4 of them, and 1 of me. It was a great night though, and the kids repeatedly told me that it was the best day ever!  We didn't rush anything, and ended up getting home around 10pm.

On Saturday Mom took us out to Montanas for dinner since she would be at her golf league on Tuesday when we would be taking him out.  He ate well, and had a lot of fun, but refused to put the antlers on his head.  This was the closest he would get, and that was after grandma, Daddy and Mommy did it to show him that it was in fact ok.

Sunday we had a family dinner in his honour.  This is a year that he does not get a friends party, so this was it for him, and it was great.  I LOVED IT!  I did some simple decorations and a pinata all Lego themed, and then of course had to carry that through to the food. I borrowed my sister in laws punches so that I could cut hundreds of circles without causing permanent damage to my hands. Used basic Red, Yellow and Blue, and it was fun and cute. Again, my kids kept telling me how great it was and that it was the best day ever, yup 2 best days ever in a matter of a week, I think that was a fun week for us.  Although everything was simple, it took some time to get it all together.

On Monday Ethan was highlighted at school and got to bring a treat to all of his school friends, and soccer friends, and then this morning he woke up to 5 balloons hanging from his doorway each with a loonie in.  And he opened his present from Jordan and I. He has been scootering around the house all day.  'Sorry mom, I have to go pee" and off he would go on his scooter.  Tonight he will get to chose where we go for dinner, so McDonalds it is, but what a fun 5 year old I have.