Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ethan is 5

We have kind of had a week long celebration of Ethan.  He woke up this morning, and came running into my bedroom, and sheepishly said, Mommy, I'm 5!  I love this boy so much, and I am so grateful that I have the blessing of raising and loving this boy.  He has made my life so full, and kept me on my toes.  He has taught me more about patience than I ever could have learned without him, and he has filled our home with love, and plenty of noise.

His birthday celebrations started on Friday when he got to chose one friend that we could take anywhere he wanted.  He chose his friend Amber, and Calaway park. We are super busy with different house projects, so off I went with 4 kids all 6 or younger by myself to Calaway Park.  It was generally fun and a great time, but when 2 would make it onto the ride and 2 wouldn't it would make it kind of difficult, or when they needed to be accompanied by and adult, and there were 4 of them, and 1 of me. It was a great night though, and the kids repeatedly told me that it was the best day ever!  We didn't rush anything, and ended up getting home around 10pm.

On Saturday Mom took us out to Montanas for dinner since she would be at her golf league on Tuesday when we would be taking him out.  He ate well, and had a lot of fun, but refused to put the antlers on his head.  This was the closest he would get, and that was after grandma, Daddy and Mommy did it to show him that it was in fact ok.

Sunday we had a family dinner in his honour.  This is a year that he does not get a friends party, so this was it for him, and it was great.  I LOVED IT!  I did some simple decorations and a pinata all Lego themed, and then of course had to carry that through to the food. I borrowed my sister in laws punches so that I could cut hundreds of circles without causing permanent damage to my hands. Used basic Red, Yellow and Blue, and it was fun and cute. Again, my kids kept telling me how great it was and that it was the best day ever, yup 2 best days ever in a matter of a week, I think that was a fun week for us.  Although everything was simple, it took some time to get it all together.

On Monday Ethan was highlighted at school and got to bring a treat to all of his school friends, and soccer friends, and then this morning he woke up to 5 balloons hanging from his doorway each with a loonie in.  And he opened his present from Jordan and I. He has been scootering around the house all day.  'Sorry mom, I have to go pee" and off he would go on his scooter.  Tonight he will get to chose where we go for dinner, so McDonalds it is, but what a fun 5 year old I have.

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