Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soccer Season is Over

Jordan coaches soccer every year.  Jordan played soccer, and enjoys the sport.  The past 2 years he has coached Skyler, but this year he coached Ethan just to even things up a bit.  Unfortunately for Skyler there were not enough coaches for his level, so I ended up assistant coaching Skyler with another assistant coach.  I have never played soccer, and I don't even know the rules of the game.

This may very well have been Ethans last year playing soccer ever.  He loves the idea of playing, but hates when anybody comes near him when he has the ball.  Last year we fought with him almost every game, we said oh he is just too young.  This year we fought with him almost every game.  He would just not participate at all. He did love getting a medal though.  I think next year we will try t-ball.  Still a team sport, but less people rushing at him all of the time.

Skyler on the other hand loved playing, and did pretty well.  He played at recess and lunch at school, and was a very enthusiastic player. I think that he will carry on, but next year we are going to try Red Deer Lake soccer - only one night a week instead of 2.  These past 2 months have been nuts with Jordan coaching 2 nights, and me coaching the other 2.

Of course we needed some pictures of the cheering squad.  Ryley was a trooper being dragged to her brothers soccer games 4 nights a week.

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