Friday, July 30, 2010

Sleep over Party

Have I mentioned before how lucky my kids are to have my brother Stephen around? He has always been a big influence on them, and taken time to play with them. Now he is almost 19 years old, and Skyler really wanted to have a sleep over and since he is 5 and really too young for that he called his uncle. Stephen not only agreed, but brought them snacks, and a movie to watch. They played games before setting up bed. Our family is really soo blessed!

Good Bye Facebook

I deleted my facebook account yesterday, and I feel good about the decision. I was wasting a lot of time, and really not getting anything out of it. I LOVE my blog, recording my family and what we do, and really enjoy reading about what other people are doing as well. It was a constant up hill battle keeping my privacy settings up, so now there is no more worry. I do love how it is a great social networking tool, but for me, it was too much time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Magrath Days

We love going to Magrath for their annual celebrations. Our day stared with the parade where the kids got way too much candy, a frisbee and a beach ball. Then we went to the petting Zoo. Ethan and Ryley loved the animals, and Skyler was terrified. 2 Astrojumps, and this is the first year that Ethan didn't promptly come back out of the jumpy house. Jordan stayed back at the house while Ryley had a nap, and the boys and I took advantage of the pool.There was beef on a bun for the whole town (I am seriously amazed at how they manage to do this, and NOT have a huge line ever) The night was finished off with fireworks with we woke Skyler up for, and he loved, they had some difficulties, and we were all in bed by the time the majority of the show came, but hey keep his expectations low right?

Ashley Lake 2010

We had soo much fun at the lake this year. Ryley loved being in her boat, and screaming out of the back of the boat at whoever happened to be behind it. Skyler loved tubing, and did super well, he even went as far as asking Grandpa to try and flip him. Skyler used the easy ski, and tried going on 2 skis, he did end up falling off the easy ski, but I love to see the progress that he has made. No tears this year!!! Ethan enjoyed the tube with Jordan or I, and was super cute, telling us that there was nothing to be afraid of and would hold our hands to help us be brave.

Jordan and I were able to go golfing one morning, and got to see a play one evening. We LOVE ASHLEY LAKE, and are so happy to be able to spend some of our summers there.

eyes of blue

I love these beautiful eyes!

Playing in the Rain

So I am not the most easy going person around, and I know some of you will laugh at this, but I REALLY like schedules and being planned and organized. We have made a goal to cut back on gas through the summer months. I had the opportunity to take dinner to someone and in keeping with our goal, the three kids and I walked. I just happened to be pouring rain. Skyler loved jumping in the puddles, and telling me that his pants were going to fall down because they were soo wet. I am so happy that I did it, making memories with my kids is something that I love, and I need to take the time to make more!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you a Superhero?

My baby boy is 5 years old today and I feel soo humbled. He teaches me patience and love, and helps me to have a little giggle every day.

Today we had a superhero training to celebrate, and it was soo much fun. As the kids arrived they each got to paint a superhero t-shirt. We had flash, superman and Spiderman logos printed to help give them some guidance. Once everyone had arrived and painted a t-shirt they were visited by a villain, The Riddler decided to try and ruin the fun by bombing the party. Thankfully the kids were well trained at diffusing the bombs.Once we were certain that there were no bombs left we started some intense training, where each kid got some practice saving a baby while maneuvering obstacles and using some superhuman speed.Next we had a chance to attack a superman pinata. These kids didn't need anyone to tell them what to do once the treats were spread across the ground.
While the kids were busy gathering treasures, another villain paid us a visit. Lex Luther came waltzing into the party a started dropping Kryptonite all over the place hoping to hurt our superhero's.
Thankfully they were quick and used some tongs to safely remove the Kryptonite from the party keeping all of the kids safe!Once we were sure that the Kryptonite had all been safely removed we let Skyler start opening some presents.But those villains were persistent and kept trying to ruin this party. The Penguin tried to make a sneaky appearance, but we had armed our newly trained super heroes with some silly string so they could fight Spiderman style. Once the kids spotted him, they were off with no encouragement they knew what to do, and were successful in saving the cake. Everyone enjoyed some cake, and we finished off with a few super hero games like Mr. Freeze tag. Skyler got all he could have hoped for, and we are now officially a transformer, superhero loving family.

Birthday Dates

This year my Mom and Dad took the boys on 'Birthday Dates' where the week of their birthdays they were picked up, taken out for dinner and to build a bear. They ate junk, and got to pick out the bear, and clothes, the sound, and stuff them, and they were in heaven. When Ethan went a little over a month ago he came home with Joe the monkey, who is dearly loved and carried all around. Joe is a brown monkey who is wearing a safari outfit, and makes monkey noises.When Skyler came home this week, I laughed, a lot! he came home with a bright multicolored bear wearing green golf cloths, who sings "It's My birthday" Crazy as this bear may look, Skyler picked every aspect of it out on his own (even after Grandma tried to talk him out of it) and he is very much loved. 'Gummy' as he was lovingly named has already accompanied Skyler to the dentist to help him be brave.
My boys are soo lucky to have grandparents so close, and to have such a great relationship with them!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The past week

We are in full Summer Mode around our house with our days filling quickly with all kinds of activity. We have had pool days, trips to Calaway Park, Cross Iron Mills (they have free shooting range, casting pond, smores and crafts for kids right now at Bass Pro Shops) Weiner Roasts in Fish Creek Park, walks, bike rides, and of course the boys had to cruise around Cranston! We are loving it, and there are no sings of this slowing down any time soon!


Soccer ended with a goal! This was our first year playing soccer, and I love it. It was difficult to have dinner ready for the minute Jordan walked in the door, have Skyler ready to play and a bag of distractions for the other 2 because games were at 6. Jordan coached, so there were a few extra responsibilities that we had, but I loved seeing how excited Skyler was to play. He learned a lot about playing as a team, being happy for the other players when they do well, and has learned more about ball handling. Poor Ethan had a hard time sitting on the side lines. I am glad that there is a 10 months before soccer season starts again though.

Preschool Graduation

I am not sure if it makes it better or worse that Skyler is so eager and excited for school. My baby boy graduated from Preschool on Monday. He loved going, was able to get speech help, and has progressed with his writing skills, and scissor skills as well. Although I didn't love the preschool it was close, convenient, and for the fist month I had a newborn in the hospital, so it worked well. He is soo excited to start Kindergarten and I am soo proud of him!

A Day Trip with Great Aunt Sue

Jordan's Great Aunt Sue made her yearly visit last week, and we took the kids on a trip to Heritage Park. The kids did great, and loved itThe little Ferris Wheel that the kids can go on by them selves is my favorite, because they can go by themselves, and because it is super cute.
Skyler was a ladies man and went with Dakota and Holli
and Ethan, Mason and Griffin rode together, but as soon as the ride started moving Griffin freaked out. The upside was that he got a free ice cream cone out of it. Ethan smiled the whole time, and was thrilled with it.