Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you a Superhero?

My baby boy is 5 years old today and I feel soo humbled. He teaches me patience and love, and helps me to have a little giggle every day.

Today we had a superhero training to celebrate, and it was soo much fun. As the kids arrived they each got to paint a superhero t-shirt. We had flash, superman and Spiderman logos printed to help give them some guidance. Once everyone had arrived and painted a t-shirt they were visited by a villain, The Riddler decided to try and ruin the fun by bombing the party. Thankfully the kids were well trained at diffusing the bombs.Once we were certain that there were no bombs left we started some intense training, where each kid got some practice saving a baby while maneuvering obstacles and using some superhuman speed.Next we had a chance to attack a superman pinata. These kids didn't need anyone to tell them what to do once the treats were spread across the ground.
While the kids were busy gathering treasures, another villain paid us a visit. Lex Luther came waltzing into the party a started dropping Kryptonite all over the place hoping to hurt our superhero's.
Thankfully they were quick and used some tongs to safely remove the Kryptonite from the party keeping all of the kids safe!Once we were sure that the Kryptonite had all been safely removed we let Skyler start opening some presents.But those villains were persistent and kept trying to ruin this party. The Penguin tried to make a sneaky appearance, but we had armed our newly trained super heroes with some silly string so they could fight Spiderman style. Once the kids spotted him, they were off with no encouragement they knew what to do, and were successful in saving the cake. Everyone enjoyed some cake, and we finished off with a few super hero games like Mr. Freeze tag. Skyler got all he could have hoped for, and we are now officially a transformer, superhero loving family.


Susie said...

you are such a fun mom. What a great party I'm sure they'll be talking about for awhile. That mask is HUGE! Awesome cake. Oh and love the birthday date, Sadie gets to do that too.

Bree Johnson said...

laughing so hard at the villains- cant believe we missed seeing jordan in a riddler costume!- so freakin cute i love it- glad it didnt rain on you this time

Kristy said...

very cute idea, love the cake.

Marie said...

Carter is having a superhero birthday in September, and I can guarentee I will be stealing a few ideas from this

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

sooooo much fun!!!!