Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Dates

This year my Mom and Dad took the boys on 'Birthday Dates' where the week of their birthdays they were picked up, taken out for dinner and to build a bear. They ate junk, and got to pick out the bear, and clothes, the sound, and stuff them, and they were in heaven. When Ethan went a little over a month ago he came home with Joe the monkey, who is dearly loved and carried all around. Joe is a brown monkey who is wearing a safari outfit, and makes monkey noises.When Skyler came home this week, I laughed, a lot! he came home with a bright multicolored bear wearing green golf cloths, who sings "It's My birthday" Crazy as this bear may look, Skyler picked every aspect of it out on his own (even after Grandma tried to talk him out of it) and he is very much loved. 'Gummy' as he was lovingly named has already accompanied Skyler to the dentist to help him be brave.
My boys are soo lucky to have grandparents so close, and to have such a great relationship with them!


Bree Johnson said...

that is so adorable- i love his name choice- very creative!

Jocelyn Fox said...

Oh Skyler is awesome. I couldn't stop laughing at the bear! Love it!