Sunday, July 25, 2010

Magrath Days

We love going to Magrath for their annual celebrations. Our day stared with the parade where the kids got way too much candy, a frisbee and a beach ball. Then we went to the petting Zoo. Ethan and Ryley loved the animals, and Skyler was terrified. 2 Astrojumps, and this is the first year that Ethan didn't promptly come back out of the jumpy house. Jordan stayed back at the house while Ryley had a nap, and the boys and I took advantage of the pool.There was beef on a bun for the whole town (I am seriously amazed at how they manage to do this, and NOT have a huge line ever) The night was finished off with fireworks with we woke Skyler up for, and he loved, they had some difficulties, and we were all in bed by the time the majority of the show came, but hey keep his expectations low right?

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