Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Pictures.

We did a little photo shoot of Ryley in my Sister in Law's studio, and it was so fun. Ryley wasn't cooperating at all, and my baby that is never grouchy - was grouchy! But it was fun dressing her up to get some cute pictures.

Don't you just love the overabundance of chins? I love how soft and kissable babies are.

Family Photos 2009

We managed to get outside a few weeks ago when the weather had warmed up a bit form some family photos. Again my amazingly talented sister in law agreed to follow us around the city as we found something that would work. We wanted to stay close to Jordan's office since he was taking an extended lunch for the pictures. (It is way too dark to anything after work now, so sad!)

I really wanted to try some more Urban type pictures, and specifically wanted some good graffiti in the background, we saw the foot bridge in Fish Creek park, and set off in search of the graffiti cement, but much to my dismay this foot bridge was totally clean, no mess to be seen. Sad as I was Nature is a beautiful backdrop as well, and I do think our pictures turned out great, or as good as I ever could have hoped for with 3 kids to get to cooperate.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We went to the YMCA yesterday for a halloween party, and the kids loved it. It was really well done, and included a potions station (slurpees), ghost bowling, pumpkin golf, a batty craft, and a bunch more.

We came home, ate dinner, and then got ready to head out Trick or Treating. We b-lined it to my mom and dad's, hitting way less houses than last year, but coming home with tons more candy.

Today we did up their candy portioning calenders, with a slight improvement on last year - they are up on the wall, and out of reach. Next year I might plan ahead, and get slightly bigger cups, but since I had dixie cups on hand, that is what we used. I also played with a few other ideas of how to deal with the candy overload, but Jordan was too excited to claim all of the left over candy.Isn't my little 'pumpkin' soo cute? I am sure she loved her first halloween.