Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a fun day!

As I am sure you all know today was Valentines Day. Our celebrations actually started last night at the Johnson's for a little party which was soo fun! Of course Bree had everything decorated, and it all looked fabulous, there was yummy food, and a bunch of fun people! I did mean to take my camera just to capture how amazing Bree really is a orchestrating events, but forgot it at home, hopefully she will post a few shots.

After we got home I set out some little valentine treats for the boys to find when they woke up
Skyler was the first to get up this morning and decided to take both bags of candy

leaving Ethan with the pretty gel hearts that I put around it to make it look pretty. Oddly enough that was fine with him... until he realized the bags had candy in them.We are so fortunate to live in the city so close to so many wonderful things. Home Depot offers a free kids building workshop on the second Saturday of every month, and the boys love it! That was today, and although we had a pretty full day planned decided that we would make time for it.
they get these cute little aprons, and then a pin and certificate with each project they complete. Today they made trinket boxes. Normally they are painted there, but we decided to let the glue dry a little, and the boys painted them later on at home. They are soo proud of what they are able to make. What a great program!

Then we had a little valentine's party over at my sister in laws, I think that the kids enjoys themselves, but Skyler was more excited to play with his cousins toys then to play the games that I had planned, although he did ask a number of times if we could play the giggle belly game again. We played xoxo's, played with red and pink play dough, read some valentines books, played throw a smile, and of course we decorated sugar cookies. Tamara spent what I am sure was way too long making cute little heart sandwiches for lunch, and we had yummy pink smoothies and strawberry's.

Home for Ethan (and mommy's) nap, and ten we got to get ready for our romantic dinner... with kids
ok, you should see the beautiful little flower arrangement, so simple, only a tulip and a Gerber Daisy but it is beautiful, another perk of being invited to Bree and Brandon's Valentines shindig. We actually took a second flower home, and tried to give it to my mom, but she wouldn't take it since she was going to be in Montana for the next 3 days, so instead today my boys gave it to their little cousin Dakota, who I hope felt like a princess.

Jordan made us our dinner - he is way better at gourmet, and tonight we had bruschetta, chicken Parmesan, angel hair pasta, asparagus, and sparking apple juice
Ethan was a clown at dinner as usual (where did that come from?)
but he loved having white pasta, and white bread, and of course all of the little treats he got today, that is something he hasn't had in 2 weeks thanks to his crazy new diet - but I think it is working!!!

Skyler is convinced he grew an inch because he ate all of his asparagus, and pasta, we like to humor him. Eating your vegetables does aid in normal growth and development right?
And just to finish off a long post here is a picture of my studly chef who completes me in every way possible.


Anonymous said...

that is soo cute to include your boys!

Ashley Dawn said...

Wow!! What a great Valentine's day. Sounds like you did it all. I have to say mine was fairly dull - thus the reason I didn't post anything about it. Glad you had fun!!