Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say it was a very productive and enjoyable day.

I am the mission home cook, and had a meal that I needed to finish and drop off for lunch serving today, so that consumed a large portion of my day.

I started my day at 7 with hugs and snuggles from my beautiful boys who have decided sleeping is overrated. Started browning ground beef for taco salad - 3 ice cream bucket later I was done. I diced tomatoes, got a phone call from my wonderful Mother to wish me a happy birthday (ok 3 phone calls the fist she started singing and the boy that I babysit and Skyler hung up on her, and the second I didn't answer because of the chaos of kids being dropped off) and then off to Costco for me with 4 kids in tow. I had to pick up the fresh fruit for the lunch, and couldn't do it any earlier. Got my license renewed as well!

Home to do more cutting and dicing, realizing on a trip to my deep freeze that a bag of my beet puree had leaked all over the place - pizza for lunch for the kids since most of it was on the pizza box.

** a proud moment - while I was passing out the fresh veggies for lunch Ethan ATE a sugar snap pea - that is right ATE one, and I wasn't even trying, just placing in front of him like every meal.

My mother in law stopped by amid the chaos to wish my a happy birthday and joined in helping me finish the sugar cookies, and lettuce for the mission home. I pureed the butternut squash and sweet potatoe. I managed to clean my kitchen, vacume 2 levels of my house, sweep and mop, finish laundry, and clean up the toys that exploded all over my basement all before my planned surprise date.

Yay 2 weeks ago Jordan asked me if I had anything formal to wear - oh no, so I got to go and buy a new dress (not formal, but a nice new dress all the same) There was this mystery date for my birthday, and no matter how much I begged he wouldn't tell me what his plan was. Around 6:30 after the babysitter had showed up there was another ring of the doorbell, and there stood my father in law pretending to be a cheaufeur. Jordan rented a loaded Audi (the nicest car that he could having it be February in Calgary) we were cheaufeured to la Caille on the Bow which has a very fancy little resteraunt in it. Our table was ina corner next to a fireplace overlooking the Bow river downtown - exsquisit. It was so fun (and funny - we are soo uncultured!) we were served a three course dinner including palate cleansers, and fancy breads with three different non-butters (chick pea, cheese, and olive) I about died at the look from our server when we didn't want to order any alchohol, this was only furthered with humor when Jordan asked for a root beer - I am sure they get that asked for a lot to pair with words that I can't pronounce and all of the fine cuisine they served.

I had a fabulous birthday thank you to all of my frined and family that helped make it so. All of the little happy birthdys really make you feel special.


Ashley Dawn said...

YAY - Happy Birthday. It sounds super glamorous... Living it up. You have an awesome Mom and Mother-in-law. I'm glad they were there too. What a great date. I can just picture your Father-in-law being a chauffeur. That's awesome. Glad you had such a great day!!

Marie said...

That is a big job! How often do you need to cook in that quantity?

Happy Birthday!

Debbi said...

WOW! What a productive day you had!

And what a sweet date!

Sarah said...

What a fun date!
Every time I think of La Caille, I think about when Alan & I went and we sat by the window and you could see our car below us- we kept waiting for people to walk by & set off the alarm with the key fob. I kept thinking we're at a fancy place, we should be more mature, but it was fun! (& you couldn't hear the alarm inside, just the lights flashing)


Kalina said...

oh, that's funny. I wish you could have gotten a picture of the server's face. Glad to hear Jordan still spoils you. Sounded like a busy fun day.