Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to get a child to take their medication

so, although the banana flavored amoxocilyn doesn't exactly taste bad, my 3 year old will have NOTHING to do with it. What's that you say, there is something called a compounding pharmacy that is capable of turning children's prescriptions into gummy candies excellent, lets give them a call. What they won't do it, and I am the first one EVER to ask for it because the stuff doesn't even tast bad. Talk about dissapointment, they did have some good suggestions that any pharmacy should be able to help me with, and just tell them my situation when I go to fill the prescription. 3 PHARMACIES later, and someone will finally listen to me and try to work with me so that Skyler can get the medication necessary for him to kick the strep throat that he has. The wonderful pharmacist suggested getting it ina pill form that I could grind up really fine and put into different foods that he will eat. Wonderful, and it is working he has taken 4 doses that is double what he took from the last prescription in a 10 day time frame, and we are only on day 2. I am thrilled, and to make it even better the pharmacist called me today to see how I was making out and if it was working. I am 100% sold this woman helped me help Skyler and bothered to call and see how things were going!


Kristy said...

that's good u finally were able to get him to take it. when i was younger i couldn't physicially swallow the pills so my mom would always chop them up in yogurt. I guess i should feel glad that my kids scream blue murder when the dose is finished and they can't have any more.

Ashley Dawn said...

Wow, that's straight out of a commercial. That's awesome! I'm glad there's still somewhere that has Customer Service.