Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Donations for the NICU

I am going to organize donations for the nicu, this is my second baby in there, and they are an amazing team (although I would be soo happy to never have to go back!)

They asked me for a few things specifically, although there is a lot that they could use that they do not have the funding for.

Scrapbooking paper and supplies - the nurses like to make little name tags for the isoletes to make it a little more personal, and easier to identify. They have no budget for this, and rely on donations.

Baby boy stuff, newborn and premie onsies and sleepers, as well as blankets. They have a lot more boys that girls in the nicu, and they never seem to have enough for what they need. They would appreciate girl things as well, but they have a higher need for boys.

Baby wrap, as well as instructions to use it - they would love a couple of baby carriers that they can get the baby out of quickly, but would allow them to keep the baby upright, and thier hands free.

mobile or other things to stimulate older babies. some of the babies are there for upwards of 3 months and need some stimulation

Swing to allow them to sooth some of the older babies wanting more attention

any number of other things that you can think of.

If any of you are able to make something, or donate something I am going to spend the next couple of weeks gathering up what I can. The nurses and staff in the nicu have kept Ryley going, and are so supportive. Please help where you can.



Carla McDaniel said...

Hi Mel,
Do we just get the stuff to you?? I have tons of scrapbooking stuff and could get some other things too. I myself have had experience with the nicu and so have some of my babies. Glad to help where i can!! :)

Dorienne said...

I'll round up some things. When you are ready for them, I can swing them by your home.

Heather said...

Such a fabulous idea Melanie, I'll start rounding stuff up..

Anonymous said...

oh man i have tons let me know when your home and i'll drop some by! great idea! Your such a sweetheart!