Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Skyler's first day of preschool, and he was soo excited. He was super happy that he got to use his spiderman backpack, lunchbag, and drink bottle. There is a new preschool in our community that he gets to go to which is nice because it is soo close, and a friend from church has her son in Skyler's class, so she has offered to pick him up from school while I am dealing with Ryley which is such a huge blessing!Ethan was super jealous, and wanted to do everything that Skyler did. He had to have his backpack, and his water bottle, and he would have happily stayed at school with Skyler. I don't have a picture of Skyler at school because he promptly took off into the thick of the action in circle time as soon as we were in the door. It was a struggle getting his attention long enough to have him take his shoes off, and hang up his backpack.

I really think that preschool will be good for him this year. He is a very social child, and needs the stimulation. Tonight I took him to a screening offered by his preschool, and on Saturday his is going to have a formal assesment of his speach. There are about 4 letters that he doesn't pronounce, but his language skills are excellent!

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Dorienne said...

Walker has a spiderman backpack too. He loves preschool. I can barely get a kiss from him, as he's in the door so quickly.