Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Love

I Love having a girl, I am so excited!

I Love that the boys love having a sister. Skyler says all day long phrases like 'baby Ryley is the most beautiful girl in the universe' or 'baby Ryley is the best girl in the world' I try not to take offense that I am not included in the elite group. Ethan simply repeats himself all day 'she is so cute, she is soo cute...'


debbi sefcik said...

Melanie, she is sooooooooo adorable. Your so blessed and isnt she worth every second of what you went through and more. congrats.

Dorienne said...

She is pretty special. Hey, thanks for the treat. I guess it was dropped off at the home with a similar address to ours. The homeowner was kind enough to swing it by here.

Carla McDaniel said...

Mel, she is so cute in her pink sitting in her car seat.
Sorry I missed you the other night. It was soooooooo Yummy!!! You didn't have to, but I'm ever so glad you did. Thanks!!!! oh...and anytime you need anything, please don't hesitate to call!!!!!! :)

Ashley Dawn said...

Well, she is SO SO SO cute. How could they say differently. I guess you're just beautiful. That's the difference. Don't you love kids with their little baby siblings?? It's just too precious.