Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ryley 09-06-09

Believe in miracles, no matter how small. Jordan and his uncle Paul gave Ryley a blessing this morning. I had to get special permission for Paul to come into the nicu, and they really don't understand that in our church men can hold the priesthood, and not be a priest, or minister. She has been on oxygen since she was born, which is why I have been unable to hold her. She was basically in something like a plastic bag, and they were able to anoint and bless her by putting their hands into the bag . I was at the hospital with her for about 2 hours after the blessing, and right after we left she was taken off of oxygen, and has not needed it all day! I was able to hold my baby tonight!!! she keeps having these attacks where her heart rate drops, and then she causes all kinds of trouble, but being off oxygen is one small miracle, and I am going to take it, and hold and cuddle my baby girl every chance I get!


Brandon said...

That's great Harrison was in the Nicu too. With oxygen, it was awesome when we could finally hold him. At 7 lbs he was so big compared to all the other little babies in there we just wanted to bring him home.

The Bullknitter said...

I've been thinking of you all day. What a happy good news minute! Praying for you constantly.

Kat said...

Yes us too! we fasted for you guys are praying for you. I am so happy you got to hold her, we will keep praying:)