Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ryley 09-10-09

She continues to improve which we can't help but be grateful for, but with these improvements it becomes painfully obvious how slow the process is going to be. Ryley no longer has the IV, so her feeds are strictly milk, although they are a large portion gavaged which is through a feeding tube instead of bottle or breast because she is too tired to feed. She is over 24 hours (close to 48 now) without any episodes. The doctor said that they will wait until monday to taker her off caffeine (this is the slow part) after she is off caffeine then we can start counting our 5 days episode free.

It is soo much nicer holding her without the IV, and more fun to visit now that she is in a normal isolete instead of the incubator.

We are soo grateful for all of the support. Skyler is quick to tell anyone who visits that the flowers are for baby Ryley, they sure are a beautiful addition to our kitchen!


Dorienne said...

Let me bring you my camera. It's nothing fancy or special. But it works. I'll call you in the morning. You must have a camera with you! On another note....glad to hear that she is progressing.

Marie said...

Oh! I wish I had been reading blogs more regularly! Your new little daughter is beautiful. How scary to have to go through all you did. I am so glad you've been feeling blessed with support. I know there is still a long way yet to go, but we are all pulling for you!