Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ryley 09-13-09

XMy baby is 10 days old today, and still has not seen the outside of the hospital. She made it to 92 plus hours without an alarm, and then she had an episode this afternoon. I actually feel pretty guilty for this one, which may not be warranted, bu that is how I feel. I have my breast infection, and it is looking more like a staff infection, than yeast and there is a chance that it can be passed through my milk, and I fed her milk yesterday afternoon that I had just pumped. Did she have the episode because she now has an infection that they searched so carefully for beforehand? Regardless tomorrow is going to be a big day, we hopefully get to try going off the caffeine which may be a step in the right direction, or we may have a huge set back. I also have an to call for an appointment with a lactation specialist (as in Doctor, not nurse consultant) because of my wonderful infections. I have decided to give it 3 weeks, and if we don't have a solution, and I am not feeling better, than we will go for formula. With Ethan I gave it 3 months, they never figured out what was wrong, I hurt all the time, and I was soo happy once I finally made the decision to go to formula.

Skyler made the trek up to the hospital today and got to hold Ryley for the first time. He is a very proud and loving older brother, and I am excited to have Ryley home to see that relationship grow and change.


Dorienne said...

We are hoping for a healthy safe and quick return home for her too. Skyler looks so sweet with her.

Sandi said...

Hopefully, home soon. What a hard time for you.