Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day to Party

Today was a day to Party. We had a kids Christmas Party for my Mom's work this morning, and then Jordan's kids Christmas Party this afternoon at Shakers.
At Moms the kids got to decorate cookies, there was a face painter, 2 bouncy houses, pizza, cakes, and if course Santa came. I think the best gift for the kids was a purple and pink leaptop for Ryley. I can send her little e-mails and it will read them to her!

Jordan's kids Christmas Party was at Shakers and the kids had a blast playing all of the games. Skyler and Ethan played Laser tag, although a few minutes in Ethan decided that he didn't like it. Skyler tried the climbing wall for the first time and did fantastic. I told him if he made it to the top that I would give him $2 - he made it about 2/3. And of course Santa paid a visit to the kids.

Tonight I have 3 very tired, but very happy children. I LOVE Christmas time!

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