Friday, December 9, 2011

I miss him...

It has been 66 days since I last got to see and talk to my Dad, and I miss him. We are finding new normals, and of course are keeping busy with Christmas, a move, kids activities and school, work, church and friends, but somehow there is still a huge void. For the past 4 1/2 years my family and I have lived really close to my parents - at times I would have said too close, but they were an active part of my life.

Today I am missing the conversations. I am missing calling my Dad up to get his advice, or input. I miss him talking me through things when I would get upset. I miss him validating my opinions, and then putting me in my place for being hot headed, or too opinionated. I miss him just listening, and I miss listening to him. I miss his constant support and feeling like I really could take on the world. I miss lunch dates, or showing up at his office.

My Dad was GREAT man! I just wish I could call him up and talk.


bree johnson said...

ahh miss melanie- i just love you...let me know if you need anything I'm always here- even if you just need someone to listen,its tough and the holidays are the worst the first year. I'm here night and day missy

Kira said...

Ive been thinking a lot about you Melanie. I will continue to pray for you.