Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Gift

Jordan's Cousin Emily is getting married this weekend, and we are excited to see her on this special day. She is actually more than just Jordan's cousin, she was a Beehive in my ward when I was a Laurel, and I can remember some great late night talks with her at Young Womens Camp. She knew that Jordan and I were dating before his family did because Jordan chose to keep that little bit of information to himself.

I found some super cute aprons at Winners and picked one up for myself and one for Emily, and then I etched her 'new' last name onto a glass baking dish, added a brownie mix, icing and a gift card for grocery's and I think it turned out pretty cute. Yay for weddings!

1 comment:

emcoops said...

I have to say that until this very moment I had no idea that my last name was etched into the bottom!!

That is awesome and super creative!! As you can probably tell I don't cook a whole lot! Thank you again! It was nice to rediscover some wedding goodies!