Saturday, October 16, 2010

From the mouth of Skyler

I asked Skyler what he would like for dinner, and he told me we should make bodies with lots of cuts and blood (a little morbid hey, maybe there is too much halloween in our family)

I respond by asking him if we should cook him up. He quickly tells me that we need to do this with food that looks like a person and ketchup blood.

When I insist that cooking him would be much easier. he responds "No, cuz then you won't have the son that does dishes"

right... we should have the other son then?

wait, he had a response for that too.

"No because then it would be boring!"

Jordan thinks that I should preface this and explain that I had been talking about our spooky food for the week being baked bones - I just figure if you know me, and really do read my blog then you would know that we celebrate any holiday we can think of and have promised my kids to make a halloween meal each week during the month of October.

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