Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glow Sticks!!!

Spring Break, well kind of. Only Ethan has this week off. Skyler is in the Foothill School District and he has srping break the week following Easter (which I think I like a lot more) but Ethan has this week off. Today is only Tuesday, and I honestly never thought that I would feel this way, but ahh, I am not sure I am going to survive. Ethan and and Ryley have been yelling and fighting like you would not believe, and I am so sick of hearing MOM! For a sanity break today I threw them in the bath and broke out some glow sticks - they loved it, and although I could still hear them fighting over whose is whose, I almost got an hour to help me keep going for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow we plan to go bowling with my sister in law, so that should help as well.

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