Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We are fortunate to have some really great American friends, so we get to celebrate the 4th of July every year with them. The kids are all getting older, so this year there was a bunch of fun for them. Nick had a classic science experiment making bubbles from Dy ice. We had 3 legged races - Does it count as a win if you become untied and are simply the first 2 people across? At one point in the evening Ryley decided that clothes were overrated, and I laughed pretty hard at her trying to strip.
Just before we left all of the kids were given a sparkler, which my kids thought was the greatest thing ever.
I just had to include a picture of our Diva, and this picture just says so much. Ryley loves to swim, and on this particular day we were going later, like a lot later, but she simple refused to wear anything else all day long. Secondly can you see all of the bling? She wears these dress up shoes, sparkly purse and all of its accessories all the time, and it always makes me laugh a little. I certainly do not dress like that.

Today we enjoyed our first bowl of Strawberry's from the gardern. I LOVE having a garden, but I find it hard to have the kids leave the strawberry's on the bush long enough to have anything substantial.

And then to make sure that today was super fun, this little man woke up puking, although he slept for about 3 hours this morning, and now seems to be right back to himself, we will have to see what the rest of today brings.

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