Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

We spend a lot of time around water. There is the cabin at Ashley Lake, my Dad has a Jet Ski, and then there is all of the time spent in pools. Jordan and I have decided that swimming is an important life skill, and the kids are going to take lessons twice a year until they make it all the way through. We just finished our round of Summer lessons, and the kids both loved it. Skyler was a solid head shorter than anyone else in his class, so jumping into chest deep water for everyone else left him on his tip toes, but he passed and is very proud of himself.
Ethan was stubborn throughout his lessons, and refused to do half of what he was asked to do (even though he does it all the time on his own) He did not pass, but loved going everyday, and is already talking about the next time. They do say the third time's a charm right?
I love that they enjoy the water so much, and I am proud of both of them for the work they did this summer in their lessons. Ryley is still too young to do lessons on her own, and there were no parented classes that timed up with the boys lessons, so she was pretty ticked that she wasn't allowed in the water, so I did brave taking in all of the kids on our last day of lessons so that she could finally get in the water. She loved it!

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