Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day 2011

I love holidays, and when Jordan get to spend the day playing with us. Today was busy and a lot of fun. We all got done up in our Canada day shirts, and went over to the foothills stake center for some festivities. Our newly elected Mayor even came to say hello. There was mini golf, which clearly Ryley missed the point of. The kids got to fish for some treats. Everyone got maple leaf tattoos, and then we sat down to enjoy some snacks before heading off to Grandma and Grandpa Nielsons for a swim.
We weren't done yet though, Skyler asked if we could have a picnic at the park by our new house - so off we went. The park is not huge, but the kids seem to really like it.
Do you see that huge blue spot on my half naked daughters behind? That is where the real fun was - you see Skyler had just been given a colorful bubble gift when we were at Grandma Nielsons - well let me tell you those colorful bubbles are lethal, and we have the blue seat in the van, blue car seat, blue cloths, and big BLUE puddle outside of our house to prove it. Sadly this is not a toy that they will be playing with again.

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